Big Music Fest The Tragically Hip Bobcaygeon Tickets

The childhood friends turned rock artists; The Tragically Hip is back to the city of Bobcaygeon with a whole new story. The band is headlining the Big Music Fest this season and all the Bobcaygeon inhabitants are excited to hear about their city and Willie Nelson from the band itself.  The band members Gordon Downie, Gord Sinclair, Paul Langlois, Johnny Fay and Bobby Baker are ready to rock the stage with their star power.

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About Big Music Fest The Tragically Hip Bobcaygeon Tickets

This Canadian boy band has emerged over the years to become Canada’s favorite. The Tragically Hip has been one the very few to have six consecutive number 1 albums. Apart from Bobcaygeon, the band has created many amazing singles including Fireworks, Poets, Gift Shop, Ahead by a Century, Greasy Jungle, Grace, Too, and Little Bones. They released a live album called Live between Us which again topped the charts. They have been the chart bursting rock band of Canada since their formation in the eighties. It has been almost three decades for them in the music world and they still haven’t lost their mojo. Their recently released album We Are the Same reiterated the success story for them. It was a peaking Billboard heatseekers’ album. The album featured hits like Love Is a First, Morning Moon and Speed River. If you are planning to listen to the Hip band then you can catch them at Bobcaygeon. They will perform some of the best songs of their musical career. The Tragically Hip Bobcaygeon Tickets are available for sale, get them now!