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There is a great news for all country music addicts! Eli Young Band & Love and Theft are now making their way to the State Fair of West Virginia to perform some of their greatest hits. Those who are interested in witnessing two of country music’s most celebrated groups are advised to purchase their cheap Eli Young Band & Love and Theft tickets immediately. Fans can look forward to listening to the platinum selling singles recorded by the Eli Young Band including “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” and “Crazy Girl”. These tracks were brought forth via their studio release, Life At Best of 2011. This album that made it to the third place of the US Country Charts and the sixth position of the US Album Charts, earned the band a Grammy nomination in 2012 in the category of Best Country Group Performance. This Academy of Country Music Award winning quartet consists of members who came together eleven years back during their university years. They dedicated their time and effort to creating insightful lyrics that were enhanced by Mike Eli’s vocals.

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About Eli Young Band Love and Theft

Their most recent album release took the country scene by storm as the fourteen track album provided listeners with everything from sounds of ringing guitars to powerful choruses, locked electric interruptions and hard-hitting drums. Such intrinsic mixing can be experienced with a smooth start of the album that eventually takes off to end in an excitingly stimulating climax. Songs such as “American Girl”, “Life At Best”, “The Falling” and “Skeletons” also showoff distorted guitar notes that have a touch of vulnerability. This vulnerability is cleverly balanced by the confidence exuberating guitar solos of James Young and the pounding choruses that bring emotional honesty to all of their tracks. The lyrics of their song “Life At Best” are vivid in nature. The lyrics are pricelessly complemented by Chris Thompson’s mellow drumming and thoughtfully-picked guitar acoustics played by James Young and Mike Eli.

With compelling and thought provoking words that stir up the deepest emotions, Eli Young Band’s album release has showed a different side to the group. It shows that the members can produce varied emotions and images via their music. The four members of the band have put in dedication in this introspective album and thus, have created a masterpiece that never seems to lose its appeal. Listen to your favorite hits from this popular release by buying your Eli Young Band & Love and Theft tickets now.

The Eli Young Band & Love and Theft concert will also showcase Love and Theft’s brand new album release. Songs such as “Angels”, “Thinking of You and Me”, “Runnin’ out of Air”, “Runaway” and “Dancing in Circles” have stirred the entire country music scene with excitement. Fans can hope to listen to these chart topping hits at the event. This album landed on the fourth spot of the US Country Album Charts and has produced four singles that are ranked in the top 40 of the US Country Singles Charts with “Angel Eyes” making its way all the way to the top of this chart, after its release. Fans can definitely hope to swing to the tunes of this gold certified track that will be the highlight of Love and Theft’s performance. With its upbeat tempo and an insanely addictive harmony that has been achieved with the use of guitar-based pop meshes and mandolins, this track tells the tale of the perfect country girl. Similarly “Runnin’ out of Air” intensifies on the pop guitar beats, while tapping into a theme of attraction. With a chorus that will truly leave you wanting to hear the sound repeatedly, this track is another great release with staccato melodies that rightly make the number infectious. With their mega-selling releases, Eli Young Band & Love and Theft promise to leave the audiences with an exciting time. Remember to purchase Eli Young Band & Love and Theft tickets as they have been made available.

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