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Rated as the most talented comedy and musical performance in the world, The Scintas has simply impressed those who witness their live performance on stage. They have performed at over 1500 arenas all over the world with the emphasis primarily on the need of family togetherness and community development. More than hundred charities have teamed up with them and thus strengthened the cause of spreading positivity in the societies. A typical Scintas show is comprised of hilarious comedy and a great music but there is a lot in store as the show begins. Johnny Mathis, Dino and Jerry, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and a few others are there to sing songs to you.

About The Scintas

Some of the biggest fans of the Scintas claim it to be the world’s greatest lounge act. While performing on several songs they are claimed to be true to their performance without the help of any music. The two Scinta brothers who formed the group and their sister accompanying them produce a fabulous show that is worth watching. As they step on the stage they take the audience with awe, laughter and immense praise that is very true to their talent.
Raised and emerged from New York, the Scintas have simply proved their dreams and brought them in reality. With the passion of entertaining the masses since childhood, The Scintas have established their place in the music and entertainment industry with pride.  Initially the brothers Joe and Frank started working in the piano bar while adding a few jokes and singing songs too. They then added their sister with them and thus soon they were noted by their fans. There were long lines of their admirers in no time as their popularity grew in days.
The die heart fans claim that the typical Scintas show is actually not typical at all. The show is something that one could least expect and this surprise actually makes it unique in its own special manner. The mission to project family support and togetherness is what the performers aim to portray. This gave them an initiative to support a number of charities thus making them special in their own way. The communities that they support include Reach out Learning Center, Positive Kids, Muscular Dystrophy Association and Camp to Belong. The range of audience for whom they have performed over the years include hundreds of people, presidents and governors. They not only appreciated the talent in them but have also applauded their unique style too.
Those who attend their show claim them to be the best not just in singing but also extremely humble in their manners. The after show meeting gives a clear view of the mannerism and humility.  The brothers are talented and mesmerize the audience with their beats. The drummers are wicked and a fantastic show is displayed on stage. More talented people like The Scintas must emerge in the forefront as they leave Billy Joel and even Beyonce behind. As they sing in harmony, each member compliments the other and give an added push to the voice of others. Besides that the audience interaction and involvement is something that truly makes them stand above the other performers.
With the concept to bring happiness in the lives of people who are terribly stuck in the busy world, the performers are surely successful and meet their goal. Take you family along to spend a time worth recalling as The Scintas tickets are out for sale. A talented well knit family dazzled the music lovers as they portray the combination of comedy, impersonation and music. Grab cheap the Scinats tickets to witness the show that many claim it to be anything but typical performance. You will have a time worth recalling as the show will get imprinted on your mind once you attend it!

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