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Stephen Lynch is a standup comedian from Abington in Pennsylvania. He has been nominated for a Tony Award as an actor and is quite famous for his sardonic singing about the daily life as well as the popular culture. He has successfully released 2 studio recorded albums and also 2 live records as well as a DVD. Lynch has given appearances in two specials of Comedy Central Presents and has also starred in the famous Broadway version of The Wedding Singer. On the 13th of November in 2012, he released a fresh double disc album which is partly studio recorded and some of it is live known as Lion.

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About Stephen Lynch

His early years were spent in New York City. As he states, he basically did “completely mindless work” as a temporary employee back then. Finally in 2000 he quit his temporary jobs and signed a contract with What Are Records? Then in 2002, he signed up with Vision International. In the years to follow, he extensively toured schools, colleges as well as universities and nightclubs all over the United States. He tried to keep away from the comedy club circuit as he believed that it was not his taste. After returning to Michigan he worked on a summer stock. Lynch made an appearance on The Bob and Tom Show on the 6th of March in 2009, where he stated the name of the band that he performed in as “Steel Toast”.
As Lynch could easily carry dual acts, he quickly made a mark for himself in the music industry and also the comedy circuit of the United States. One of the main reasons why he ended up getting a lot of attention was because instead of choosing comedy venues for his acts he chose music venues such as The Town Hall, Carnegie Hall and the House of Blues. These venues attracted people who were more inclined towards hearing music, and Lynch had the opportunity of showcasing not just his music talent but also his comedic skills. In 2000 he did a special with Comedy Central Presents which gained him an immense fan following. It is recorded that the show he did is one of the highest rated shows in the history of the network channel. Lynch has also made many appearances on Comedy Central’s The World Stands Up, and also The World of Comedy. He came on four episodes of Last Call with Carson Daly. In Montreal in Canada, he has given an exceptional performance at the well known Just for Laughs, which is a comedy festival.
Moreover, Stephen Lynch has given some fantastic opening acts for Steven Wright, Lewis Black, Jay Mohr, Bobcat Goldthwait as well as for Jeff Foxworthy. Lynch has also given some guest appearances in 5 short movies comprising of The Confetti Brothers which came out in 2001 and also The Love Seat that came out in 1999 among three more movies. In April in 2006, his fans saw him performing in a Broadway musical production titled as The Wedding Singer in which he acted as Robbie Hart. This production successfully ran from the 27th of April in 2006 till the 31st of December in 2006 at the famous Al Hirchfeld Theatre. The production received an immense amount of critical acclaim and Lynch was given two nominations from the Drama League as well as the Drama Desk Awards for his performance. 2007 saw him going back on the road as he toured with known comedians such as Louis C.K., Bob Saget, Carlos Mencia and Frank Celiendo. In 2008, he starred in his second special on the Comedy Central Presents which also received a lot of rave reviews.
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