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Tom Jenkinson is the artist who has taken the electronic music industry by storm. Jenkinson certainly knows the art of making a musical night vibrant and colorful through his music. He is more popularly known from his stage pseudonym Squarepusher. He is surely one of the very few artists whose electronic music is influenced from musique concrete and even jazz.

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About Squarepusher

Tom Jenkinson is the man behind Squarepusher. Jenkinson is an immensely talented English musician who was born in Chelmsford, Essex. He was born in January 1975. Jenkinson was into music from an early age and he has been active since 1994. His brother Andy Jenkinson is also a popular electronic music artist who works under the pseudonym of Ceephax Acid Crew. Unlike other electronic music artists Jenkinson is a multi-instrumentalist and can fluently play drums, guitar, keyboard and bass guitar. He has often see performing on stage performing with a fretless bass, a piano, laptop and music sampler. The main genres in which he specializes are experimental jazz, breakbeat, IDM, techno and drum and bass.
Jenkinson took up the pseudonym of Squarepusher in the late 90’s. In the music world he is also known as The Duke of Harringay and Chaos A.D. Since debut Squarepusher has been associated with different recording labels Nothing Records, Worm Interface and Rephlex Records but currently he is signed with Warp records.
Since early 2000 Squarepusher has been using a wide variety of digital and conventional instruments for sampling and composing music. Some of the gear used by Squarepusher includes baritone and classic guitars, Yamaha sequencer, DAT recorder, Roland Tb Baseline Synthesizer, Ludwig drum kit, Roland SH 101 Synthesizer, xylophone, Sine wave generator and reel-to-reel tape machine.
Squarepusher has got a long list of albums to his name such as Feed Me Weird Things (1996), hard Normal Daddy (1997), Music is Rotted One Note (1998), Do You Know Squarepusher (2002), Hello Everything (2006), Just a Souvenir (2008) and Shobaleader One: d’ Demonstrator (2010). The latest album by Squarepusher is Ufabulum that was released in May 2012. Some EP’s of Squarepusher are Crot, Stereptype, Conumber, Port Rhombus, Maximum Priest and Numbers Lucent. Few single by the artist are Squarepusher Plays, Vic Acid, Big Loada, Do you Know Squarepusher, Anti Grey Lord protection Scheme Prelude, Wlecome to Europe, Vacuum Tracks, Bubble and Speak, Exciton and My Red Hot Car.
Squarepusher has this uncanny ability to make you stand on your feet, clap and dance all night long. Even if you are not much of a fan of electronic, techno and breakbeat it is still recommended that you be part of the most awaited dance night of the season by booking Squarepusher tickets. Good news is that you can now get cheap Squarepusher tickets to the event so join in.

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