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The stand-up sensation and the dad of all comedians, Peter Kay is in 15 years of his career and has made a great name for himself. The artist is known for his observational comedy and hilarious punches that have always amused all kinds of audiences around the globe. The reason why people love him is that he does not always focus on a particular subject or agenda. His ideas are universal and normally revolve around everyday life.

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About Peter Kay

Peter Kay has a Higher National Diploma in Media Performances and after winning his first standup competition he tuned into live performances as a comedian. He felt even more confident after beating a fellow standup comedian, Johnny Vegas. People appreciated his confidence and energy level and wanted to see him perform over and over again. Later on Peter Kay kept on doing more comedy shows and day by day people began to recognize his immense talent. After he won Channel 4’s “So You Think You’re Funny” contest in 1997, he was pretty sure about what he was going to do for the rest of his life. 
Peter Kay garnered even more recognition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was also nominated for the prestigious Perrier Award. Besides that, the artist was all over the clubs in various localities such as the “Barracuda Club” and the London’s “Influential Comedy Store”.  After displaying his outstanding talent in these numerous arenas, Kay attracted a massive viewership. The reason for his mainstream recognition was his heavily promoted show named, “Live At The Top Of The Tower”. Right after its success, people kept on calling Kay on their shows and showed great interest in his work. The comedian also featured in several Hollywood movies such as ‘Going Off Big Time’, ‘24 Hour Party People’, ‘Blow Dry’, ‘Max and Paddy's Power of Two’ and many others.
Peter Kay is ranked among the “50 Funniest British Comedians” and according to a survey in 2005; he was referred to as “Britain’s Favorite Comedian”. Channel 4 also placed him at the number one spot in the “100 Greatest Funny Moments” list. His BAFTA nominated sitcom, “Pheonix Nights” also garnered a lot of appreciation and turned out to be a huge hit. Due to the immense popularity among the fans, the series won “People's Choice Award” at the British Comedy Awards. Even after watching two series of 12 episodes each, the fans still want more. After so much demand, Kay announced in BBC Radio 1 that he might bring back the series in the coming years. The other notable award winning sitcom of Kay that garnered mainstream success is “Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere”. Peter Kay did most of the work in this show which includes direction, writing, production work and of course acting. In spite of being a spoof and a fun filled program, Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere is referred to as the “UK's fastest selling fitness DVD ever!”
The star is also known for being a part of one of the biggest charity based association called the ‘Comic Relief’. Here every single donated pound is spent on charitable projects. Peter Kay has also produced top charting singles such as ‘Is This The Way To Amarillo’, ‘The Winner’s Song’, ‘The Official BBC Children in Need Medley’ and ‘I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)’. Three of these singles were ranked at the number one spot on the UK charts.  His autobiographies “The Sound of Laughter” and “Saturday Night Peter” are also pretty popular around the globe and their names have also been spoofed by some of the top film makers of the industry.
Some of Kay’s notable standup DVDs are ‘Live At The Top Of The Tower’, ‘Live At Manchester Arena’ and ‘Live At The Bolton Albert Halls’. Peter has also appeared in some of the major television series such as, ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘The Catherine Tate Show’. Peter Kay is one of the greatest live performers of all times and is loved by millions of people around the world. The energy level with which he performs is unmatchable and totally cheers up the crowd. The artist can in no time turn the entire audience into frenzy. If you want to be a part of his upcoming live show then secure your Peter Kay Tickets and enjoy a fun-filled evening.

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