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You might not find his lips moving because Jeff Dunham is more of a ventriloquist. He is also known for his stand-up comedy acts and has made appearances on TV shows as well. Creating hilarious comedy acts through his characters, Jeff Dunham has become a comedy sensation, credited for reviving the art of ventriloquism. To catch this world renowned comedian when he reaches Cherokee this year, get Jeff Dunham Cherokee tickets and be part of the side-splitting fun.

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About Jeff Dunham Cherokee Tickets

Jeff will reach your city with his famous characters the old, grumpy, Walter and the dead terrorist named Achmed. With these characters, Jeff creates amazing comic performances.

He has been making people laugh since a very young age. It all started when on a Christmas, Jeff’s parents gifted him a Mortimer Snerd dummy and the 10 year old kid developed the interest in ventriloquism. Jeff used the puppets to say things that he could not say directly and found it very amusing. Within a short period of time, Jeff performed all over his town, catching the attention of many with his hilarious acts. The characters he made soon became a part of his personality. The love and dedication with the craft eventually paid off and by the time he was in high school, he had already become a comedy personality doing more than hundred shows a year. Among the famous people for whom he did show also include Jack Welch.
Watching him in action at one of his live shows is a delight which no one would want to miss. So, hurry up and grab your Jeff Dunham Cherokee tickets now.