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Las Vegas is going to get a chance to see Dana Carvey live at Showroom - The Orleans Hotel.  Mostly noted for his presence as a member on Saturday Night Live and also making an appearance as Garth in the famous Wayne World film series, he is an American Emmy Award winning stand-up comedian and actor. Get your Dana Carvey tickets to watch him perform live as a part of his 2013 tour. Don’t miss this opportunity and grab the tickets now to be treated to Carvey’s hilarious comedy. He is known to lift audiences’ spirit and shows them an invigorating night of laughter and good humor.

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About Dana Carvey

Born in 1955 in Montana, Dana Carvey went on to attend college at San Francisco State University and later won the Standup Comedy Competition. At that point he knew that he was going pursue a career as a comedian. After graduating with a degree in Communication Arts, he started performing in numerous clubs at Bay Area and later moved to Los Angeles to explore more opportunities. In the early years of his career, he played minor roles like those in “Halloween II”.  He co-starred on a short-lived television sitcom in 1982 named “One of the Boys” in which Nathan Lane, Meg Ryan and Mickey Rooney also starred. In 1984, he played a small role in “This is Spinal Tap” by Rob Reiner, with the fellow comedian Billy Crystal. He was also seen in the “Blue Thunder” which was again a short-lived action show.
It was in 1986 that Dana Carvey became a household name and his career got the boost it really deserved. This was the year he joined the famous live comedy show Saturday Night Live. at the time when he became a part of the show, it was struggling; however, Carvey along with other newcomers, Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks, Victoria Jackson and Kevin Nealon helped it to become popular once again. It then became the ‘must watch’ TV show.
On the show Carvey created a character, Church Lady that went on to become very popular and played an important part in SNL’s revival. While talking about this character, Dana Carvey said that he had based it on a woman he actually knew through church. The lady used to keep a good track of other’s attendance. Church Lady became so much famous that later Carvey was referred to as “The Lady” or “The Church Lady”. The artist has also taken the role of a Grumpy Old Man in “Weekend Update” and Hans from “Hans and Franz”. He left SNL in 1992 after the completion of seven seasons but returned to host the show. For his efforts, he was awarded an Emmy for "Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program" in 1993. He was nominated for Emmy six times. The comedian has also hosted ‘The Dana Carvey’ show which was a short-lived sketch comedy program.
In addition to these characters, Carvey did exaggerated and uncanny impersonations of some politicians like Ross Perot, who was an independent candidate during the US presidential election campaign of 1992. He also imitated ex-president George Bush, Jerry Brown, Bob Dole and David Duke for which he received widespread praise.
Dana Carvey hosted MTV Music Awards in 1992. He along with Robert Klein, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, was a member of “Salute to the Improvisation,” a Showtime special. On HBO, he hosted his own one-hour stand-up comedy special in 1995, which was then aptly named as Critic’s Choice. He also played a role in “Clean Slate,” the American comedy film by Richard and Lili Zanuck as well as in “Trapped in Paradise,” a crime comedy film directed by George Gallo.
All in all, his famous SNL characters and other stand-up specials are what people mostly love him for. To make sure that his fans get to see him live at Las Vegas, cheap Dana Carvey tickets are being offered. So, get your deals today to be a part of fun-filled night.

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