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Acclaimed for his infamous character “The Lovemaster”, Craig Shoemaker has had a fair share of fame and recognition as a stand-up comic. With a knack of making every performance relatable, the American comic never fails to leave a lasting impression on the audiences. Excelling at observational comedy he usually gives a hint about his personal experiences too during his shows while covering other subjects. His professional credits include an array of successful tv shows and standup specials along with various films. For over three decades he has been entertaining his fans through different mediums, either through television, standup comedy, films or children’s books. In 1997 he headlined at the American Comedy Awards as he emerged as the Funniest Male Stand-Up Comic. He also has two Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards to his credit. Speaking of his success, Craig Shoemaker’s standup special on Comedy Central has been chosen as one of the “Top 20” specials of all time. To avail the opportunity of watching him live buy Craig Shoemaker tickets.

About Craig Shoemaker Tickets

Craig Shoemaker started his career in 1980’s in Philadelphia. His time at the Temple University helped him brush up his skills as a comic. Hence bagging Best Comedian award from the Philly Magazine. Later in 1986 the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards came his way while working as a writer and actor for the television channel called PRISM. It was in the 80’s when he landed an opportunity of working with Kenny Loggins, an American singer and songwriter. Hence coming up with his character The Lovemaster. In 1990s he embarked on a career as a standup comic working at local clubs and was later seen alongside Magic Johnson on his talk show The Magic Hour. “Daditude”, a ninety minute comedy special is one of the latest offerings by Shoemaker which has been lauded by Los Angeles Times in these words: “Shoemaker is insightful and amusing… we are moved beyond laughter to tears”. Premiering on SHOWTIME, Daditude brings fatherhood into the picture while alsodwelling on his own childhood from time to time.
Being an engaging conversationalist has helped him succeed even as a radio host. After only ten months of its emergence Shoemaker’s nationally syndicated radio show stole the limelight by winning the Communicator Award Crystal prize. That being the tip of the iceberg, his other shows namely “Playing Army” and “Lovemaster” reached number one on XM and number 35 on iTunes. Shoemaker has also tasted success as an actor and a voice over artist. Some of his most popular films include Pleasantville, Teamo Supremo, I M Weasel and Monsters. Over the years he has shared the screen with actors like Will Smith, Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg and Samuel L Jackson. Dark Hineymoon, The Lovemaster…Unzipped and Should’ve Been Romeo are some of his recent films. Purchase Craig Shoemaker tickets to watch him upclose and live as he enlightens his fans with his personal experiences.