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While passing by your television, you over hear a phrase and you laugh out loud. Yes, because this makes you recall the jokes and pick-up lines from the unbelievably talented Aziz Ansari! He is an Indian-American writer, actor and a stand up comedian. He began his career as a stand up comedian in New York when he was studying at New York University in 2001.His talent gave him success from the very beginning. He performed in shows like Invite Them Up and also at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.In 2006 he won the award for the best Stand up in U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.


In 2005 Ansari along with other comedians Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel decided to make short films which were directed by Jason Woliner.The first film was titled Shutterbugs. Their second creation was Illusionators in which Scheer and Ansari performed as Goth magicians. In 2008 he was hired for the show, Parks and Recreation .His role and performance were acclaimed by the critics as well as the audience. Aziz Ansari made noticeable appearances on television where he performed as a xenophobic fruit vendor in the series called Flight of the Conchords.Apart from television he also worked in several films like Observe and Report and Get Him to the Greek.

He toured around the word as a stand up comedian. His work titled as Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening was released in 2010.His style is unique and he takes inspiration from his personal life. With Aziz Ansari Rochester Tickets you will be able to enjoy the performance of a comedian who has no match!