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Adam Carolla, the carpenter turned artist, is coming to Toronto with his sharp witted humor. He convinced the world that In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks. At least, that’s what the cover of his latest book claims. He has been a popular radio personality, an avid actor, a refreshing television host and an accomplished comedian. Writing is another feather added to his cap quite recently. His book has already been seen in the New York’s Best Sellers List.

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He started his comedy career in 1995 with the radio reincarnation of MTV's popular show Loveline. Since then, his name has been heard in one thing or another. His series of ACE podcasts The Adam Carolla Show has been considered monumental. His television appearances in The Man Show and Crank Yankers have been getting all kinds of praise. Adam Carolla has also lent his voice to the show Death on Family Guy. He has been involved in a wide array of activities simultaneously but one thing which connects all these together is his amusing banter. He has the knack of making people laugh on the most ordinary, everyday situations. He is ready to take on the stage with his comical side in the spotlight. His style of comedy is provocative and controversial which has landed him into trouble at times. But as long as his fans like him there is no stopping him. If you are interested in Adam Carolla’s Comedy then the good news is that he is performing in Toronto. Be there to spend a hilariously entertaining evening with him with your Adam Carolla Toronto Tickets.