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One of the leading pianists of the world, Yin Chengzong has captured the hearts of thousands of audiences. With over twenty albums that have made a huge mark in the industry, Chengzong has gained reputation amongst some of the greatest musicians of today. Best known for his arrangement of the Yellow River Piano Concerto, Chengzong is one of China’s pioneer entertainers. Look out for Chengzong’s next show that is expected to be organized at the Isaac Stern Auditorium in Carnegie Hall. Purchase Yin Chengzong tickets today and treat your ears to the music created by the artist.

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Yin Chengzong

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
China NCPA Orchestra: Lu Jia & Lang Lang - Chen, Chengzong & Sibelius Carnegie Hall - Isaac Stern Auditorium New York Monday
10/30/2017 8:00 PM

About Yin Chengzong

Born in 1941 in Gulangyu Island, Fujian, otherwise known as the “Piano Island”, Yin Chengzong is a composer and a pianist. The young Chengzong started learning how to play the piano by the age of seven. He made his debut recital two years later, at the mere age of nine. Developing a true passion for the musical instrument, Chengzong enrolled into a Shanghai Conservatory after which he attended the Central Conservatory located in Beijing. Still in his teenage years, the musician journeyed to Russia in 1960 where he initiated his graduate study program.

Receiving education from the Leningrad Conservatory under the apprenticeship of Tatiana Kravchenko, Chengzong mastered the art and skill needed to play the piano. During his time at the conservatories, Chengzong took part in competitions such as the Tchaikovsky Competition in 1962 and World Youth Peace and Friendship Festival in 1959. He won the second prize in the former event and was awarded a gold medal for his participation in the latter. After graduating, the artist made his debut as a soloist at the Carnegie Hall in New York in 1983. The venue invited him to present repeat performances on five different occasions after the successful debut event. Over the years, Yin has toured internationally performing at some of the most prestigious venues under the baton of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Claudio Abbado, the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Kirill Kondrashin, and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Sir Malcolm Sargent, amongst several others.

Currently residing in New York, Chengzong has performed throughout San Francisco, Boston, Toronto and Chicago. Apart from featuring as a soloist, Chengzong has also held posts of artist-in-residence and professor at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Not only is the pianist a virtuoso interpreter of the Western classics, he has also earned massive fame and a household name in his hometown due to his compositional works. Best known for the Yellow River Concerto which has sold over three million copies alone, Chengzong has been called “China’s Best Pianist” by the New York Times. Winning him a Gold Record Award, the Yellow River Concerto is his most widely performed musical piece. The pianist has also been named amongst the four musicians that were listed in 1980’s New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

The 2013 year marks Chengzong’s 63rd career anniversary which he will celebrate by performing some of his widely acclaimed pieces at the Isaac Stern Auditorium. Fans are advised to book their seats at the facility immediately as cheap Yin Chengzong tickets have been made available for sale. Located at the Carnegie Hall in mid Manhattan, the concert hall was inaugurated in 1891. Named after the violinist Isaac Stern, the auditorium is Carnegie Hall’s main stage. Providing seating space for over twenty eight hundred spectators for one single show, the Isaac Stern Auditorium has hosted a diverse range of performances over the years. From classical concerts to popular music events, the hall is also home to some of New York’s most renowned orchestral organizations. The Isaac Stern Auditorium was home to New York Philharmonic’s regular season performances from 1892 till 1962. This time, the facility is inviting audiences to witness a forthcoming concerto by the legendary Yin Chengzong. Buy Yin Chengzong tickets today and watch an eloquent display of talent by the performer.

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