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The Virginia Symphony is one of the best regional orchestras in America today. Since its inception, it has performed some of the greatest classical works of both the 20th century and before. It has also earned a reputation for hiring some of the best musicians in the United States. The Virginia Symphony now stands as one of the premier orchestras of its kind. For its latest production, the orchestra is gearing up to perform Respighi’s epic The Pines of Rome. A winning combination in every way, the Virginia Symphony The Pines of Rome show is sure to be one of the year’s most exciting musical events. Needless to say, the Virginia Symphony The Pines of Rome tickets are likely to be in high demand.

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About Virginia Symphony The Pines Of Rome

Founded sometime during the 1920s, the Virginia Symphony was originally called the Norfolk Symphony. At the time, it was the only musical group of its kind across the tri-state area. The Symphony had several decades’ worth of success, until the 1970s. Stricken by hard times due to the economic conditions of the period, the Norfolk Symphony merged with two other regional orchestras and to make the current Virginia Symphony.
Since then, the Virginia Symphony has come a long way. It performs a dynamic variety of works ranging from traditional classical music to even pop. It has also consistently performed works by contemporary composers, many of whom premiered their compositions with the Virginia Symphony. This diversity has not gone unnoticed and the Virginia Symphony was awarded the 2010 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Award for its “adventurous programming.” The orchestra is currently ranked among some of the absolute best ensembles anywhere in the world and many of its musicians have been featured and highlighted in mainstream publications. The latter include The Washington Post, NPR, The New York Times, the Lifetime channel and even BBC Worldwide News.
Based in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, the Symphony is currently under the leadership of JoAnn Falleta. Throughout her tenure as music director, which has spanned two decades now, Falleta has helped elevate the Virginia Symphony to even greater heights. She led the orchestra in two of its greatest shows to date, which were performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center. Falletta has also helped build an impressive discography of as many as 12 recordings, one of which was published by Naxos, the biggest label of its kind in the world.
And for what is sure to be the Virginia Symphony’s next great big concert, Falleta will help bring the renowned The Pines of Rome by Ottorino Respighi. Part of a triptych, The Pines of Rome is a sprawling cotemporary poem, inspired by the works of famous composers from the 1500s through the 1700s. It is divided into four distinct movements that seamlessly intertwine together. The music relays an evocative narrative that goes from the joy of childhood to the dark sorrow of man’s mortality.
Epic in its scope and ambitious in its goal, The Pines of Rome was one of the most progressive compositions of its time and used innovative techniques on stage. It was scored for traditional instruments flutes, trombones and clarinets as well as implements that had previously never been used, like a gramophone recording. The latter was way ahead of its time in that it is one of the earliest known examples of the now ubiquitously used technique in music called “sampling.” All these elements have contributed to the The Pines of Rome’s enduring relevance, and the composition has been featured in other media as well, such as the animated Disney film Fantasia 2000. The Pines of Rome’s opening was also sampled by the rock bank Yes for one of their songs.
The upcoming Virginia Symphony The Pines of Rome, then, is a perfect fit, in every sense of the phrase. The performance is sure to be one of the biggest classical music events of the year as well as huge audience draw. Fans of the genre are sure to clamor for a chance to see this ambitious production in person. Therefore, it would be of no surprise to anyone at all, if cheap Virginia Symphony The Pines of Rome tickets became one of the hottest entertainment commodities this year.

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