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The world of the unreal and imaginary awaits those who are ready to go into the realms of the unknown and experience something that is beyond any kind of rationality that the human mind offers.  Star Wars in Concert is one such event that will give its audience a unique experience which is and will be loved by people belonging to all ages and times.

About Star Wars In Concert


Star Wars is a space opera which was created by George Lucas. The first film entitled Star wars was released for the first time in the year 1977 by 20th Century Fox. It became an instant hit and despite being an altogether different genre it was accepted by people from all around the globe with open arms and followed a series of sequels and broke all previous records. It was estimated that in the year 2008 Star War films have done a business of 4.41 billion dollars and became the third-highest-grossing film series.


Star Wars in Concert is an event that has very successfully captured the essence and soul of the Star wars epic. It is by far the best medium to portray such a legendry story that goes beyond the limitations of time and at the same time remains eternal. This concert took place in order to pay tribute to Star Wars and the whole event was of two hours. The event presented before the audience a spectacle that was able to keep them glued to their seats till the end and left a smile on their faces even after they had left the theatre. All the best moments from the series were made a part of this concert and it appeared as if the whole spirit of Star Wars is relived and celebrated at the same time.


The concert was organized on an epic scale and everything related to the event was grand. It consisted of 86 piece orchestra, which was combined with a huge choir and at the back was a 100-foot LED high-definition screen that further increased its grandeur. The whole ambiance was made to compliment the performance and also served to enhance the beauty that was being presented. The screen was combined with lights and other special effects which included smoke, huge fires, full stadium lasers and steam jets were a part of the concert. The sound effects were made by keeping in mind the needs of the performance. The music of Star Wars was originally composed by John Williams and it was this music that became the background music of the Star Wars in Concert.


There were number of clips, taken from the Star Wars Saga, being presented along with the orchestra. Being projected through such a medium brought back the memories associated with it. Its clarity and realistic portrayal without an attempt to change the actual story and the characters, is the sole reason for the popularity of this event. There is also a special appearance of Anthony Daniels who narrates the story of Star Wars in a way that it appears to the audience that it is a real story about real people and not merely a fiction or a creation of the imagination.


Star Wars in Concert is an attempt to recognize and appreciate the long unforgotten and always loved legacy of the Star Wars Saga. It can be enjoyed by people belonging to all age groups. The beautiful orchestra combined with outstanding technical facilities Star Wars in Concert Tickets get you access to an event which is both unique and timeless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are the dates for Star Wars concert Idaho?

A:You can get the details of the event from the page of Star Wars In Concert Tickets.

Q:Can i get cheap concerttickets for star wars on your site?

A:Sure. Star Wars In Concert Tickets can easily be bought from us at super cheap rates. Happy Buying!