San Antonio Symphony Mahler 3 Tickets

The professional symphony orchestra, San Antonio Symphony has enthralled millions of music lovers for almost a century. The Symphony Orchestra brings a wide variety of musical concerts ranging from classical to pop series every season between September to June. The orchestra has staged world class shows over the years that have garnered immense appraise from the critics as well as fans. This season, the orchestra will bring Mahler’s famed Symphony Number 3 at the Majestic Theatre. The audience can indulge in this great musical experience by getting San Antonio Symphony Mahler 3 tickets.

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About San Antonio Symphony Mahler 3

San Antonio Symphony is highly famous in the region for its large and diverse presentation of music, performed every season. The 2010-2011 season saw the orchestra stage various concerts under different series including four shows in ‘Interactive Family Classics’, four shows in ‘Young People Concerts’ series, six ‘Pops’ events and fourteen classical concerts. The orchestra also stages a ‘Special Attraction’ series that features famous guest artists and noted composers. Currently Sebastian Lang-Lessing serves as the Music Director of the San Antonio Symphony. Sebastian along with conductors John Silantien and Akiko Fujimoto has produced spectacular orchestral concerts, garnering accolades and honors for the orchestra. The orchestra also comprises of over seventy exceptionally talented musicians, composers and instrumentalists who deliver riveting live shows year round.

The Majestic Theatre serves as a home for the San Antonio Symphony. Cities oldest and largest theatre, the Majestic boasts a capacity of more than two thousand and three hundred seats. The venue was initially established in 1929 as the Interstate Theatre. It has been honored as the ‘National Historic Landmark’ and has also been enlisted in the ‘National Register of Historical Places’. The Symphony Orchestra has been playing at the Theatre since 1989. The Majestic has hosted several world premiers for shows such as ‘The Alamo’, ‘The Lusty Men’ and ‘The Texans’.

Considered to be one of the finest composers of his time, Gustav Mahler has left an eternal legacy that is still alive around the world. His repertoire of classical compositions includes highly acclaimed symphonies and compositions that continue to fascinate audiences. Born in Austria in 1860, Mahler’s work managed to bridge the gap between twentieth century modernism and nineteenth century Austro-German works. Aside from producing instrumental works and operas in his early years, Mahler completed nine symphonies. His symphonies are renowned for their long lengths and generally require performances at an expansive scale.

His longest symphony, Symphony No. 3, was written between 1893 and 1896. According to Mahler, the symphony is a great hymn, celebrating and glorifying every creation. The symphony was inspired by Mahler’s love of nature. Performing the complete symphony takes around ninety to hundred minutes, making it one of the longest symphonies in orchestra music. The audience is already searching for cheap San Antonio Symphony Mahler 3 tickets to witness this masterpiece by Mahler, played live on stage this season.

San Antonio Symphony continues to enjoy huge popularity throughout North America. The symphony’s works are witnessed by thousands of classical music fans every season. With a skilled and talented crew of composers, artists, musicians and performers, the Symphony manages to spellbind audiences with its hypnotic concerts. With conductor Sebastian Land-Lessing, mezzo-soprano Dana Beth Miller and Mastersinger John Silantien, the San Antonio Symphony is all set to charm the audience with a spectacular performance of Mahler’s Symphony Number 3 this season. The show will be held at the marvelously built and highly prestigious Majestic Theatre that will add more charm to the performance. All classic music admirers are advised to reserve their seats by getting hold of San Antonio Symphony Mahler 3 tickets.

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