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The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra (OPO) is the resident orchestra of Central Florida. It stages over a hundred performances regularly each season. The Philharmonic‘s vision is to support and create awareness of symphonic music at the community level. It aims to make the music form more accessible and enjoyable for the youth. Over the past two decades, the orchestra has been performing, educating and promoting symphonic music. It has become a center of cultural leadership in Florida.

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Christopher Wilkins is the music director, who has been with the orchestra for the past four years. Andrew Lane is the principal pops conductor. The flagship series by OPO, called the “Super Series” consists of ten concerts. The focus of these concerts is on playing great classics, as well as pops. The series also has five matinee performances. The OSO celebrates the music compositions of artists such as Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich and Itzhak Perlma. Over the years, Orlando Philharmonic’s five-concert “Sounds of Summer Series” has become a tradition of Central Florida. The Philharmonic’s three-concert program called the “Focus Series” covers a theme and features some of the best compositions and chamber orchestra repertoire. The OPO also brings full-orchestra concerts in the fall and spring, as part of its community pops concerts.

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Cirque de la Symphonies tickets take you where cirque meets symphony. They present a unique combination of orchestra, chamber music and circus in one of the most exciting shows of the year. It is where you get to see acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, and aerialists with their amazing feats and here can also enjoy the musical brilliance created by the remarkable orchestra. Christopher Wilkins teams with the Cirque de la Symphonie troupe, to create a wonderful concert experience. He creates enthusiastic and energetic score. Together, the music and the amazing acrobats make the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Cirque de la Symphonie a three dimensional show that is thoroughly enjoyable.
The exciting production attracts many for a night in the big tent. The live orchestra providing background music to the best loved circus acts of all times provides a wonderful experience. This is a show where memorable light classics by maestros like Tchaikovsky, Bizet, Saint-Saëns, Dvorák are conducted live by Christopher Wilkins.

The music compliments the thrilling circus acts showcased here, enhancing the whole experience. The extraordinary acts are presented by the most impressive troupe of artists who have performed world over. With world records, gold-medals, Olympic titles and international competition wins on their portfolio; these artist are a must watch. They deliver some awe-inspiring live action and magical entertainment as the audiences become spellbound. These artists present an incredible fusion of circus and orchestra. The troupe, choreographs and arranges every act from scratch to the end for the most original experience. Purchase Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Cirque de la Symphonie tickets to witness all this and more!
Some of the highlights of this show include Christine Van Loo’s dangling rope trick, Elena Tsarkova’s acrobatic contortion on "Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky and Alexander Streltsov’s spinning acts with Bizet's "Les Toreadors" playing in the background. The ribbon dance choreographed to "Can-Can" by Offenbach is also a treat for the eyes.

Another crowd-pleaser is the balancing act played by two strongmen painted in the most interesting patterns and colors; where one uses his hand to lift and balance the others head. There are also some acts that keep you on the edge of the seat. An example of this is the act that has strong men lifting heavy and huge sized objects. This thrilling act is complimented well with the very fine string play of Bach’s "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor". These are only a few details of the music and action extravaganza. You can experience more acts and the great live action at the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Cirque de la Symphonie show. Cheap Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Cirque de la Symphonie tickets make the trip to this concert even merrier. Treat yourself with great deals and bargains and come join the show!

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