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American based, New York Philharmonic is a famous symphony orchestra officially known as Philharmonic Symphony Society of New York. It has the honor of being one of the musical orchestras that are referred as Big Five. The home of this orchestra is the Avery Fisher Hall situated in the New York Lincoln Center. This New York Philharmonic orchestra was established in the year 1842 and it is now older than every other symphony institution present in America. It gave its record making 14,000th concert in the year 2004. Now this famous record making symphony orchestra is going to perform live for its fans! So all the music lovers; get ready to be a part of this mega event. If you really wish to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family get your New York Philharmonic tickets now and be a part of their upcoming concert.

About New York Philharmonic

The current music director and president of this symphony orchestra are Alan Gilbert and Zarin Mehta. This orchestra was founded in the 18th century by an American conductor named as Ureli Corelli Hill with the assistance of a famous Irish composer, William Vincent Wallace. Its first concert took place in the Apollo Rooms before the audience of around six hundred in the year 1842. Leopold Damrosch, Franz Liszt's previous concertmaster at Weimar, worked as a conductor during the 1876-1877 seasons. But he failed to gain the support of the Philharmonic audience and in return he founded his own society with the name RivalSymphony on the year 1878.
In the year 1977, the orchestra faced critical financial problems that were caused due to the paltry income of five concerts that took place during that season. Philharmonics showed interest in the famous German Born and American trained conductor known as Theodro Thomas. He was, however, unwilling to move from his own organization. So, Philharmonic offered him the position of conductor without any sort of conditions and he began his duty as a conductor in the autumn of 1877. He conducted this symphony orchestra for around fourteen years and made remarkable improvements in the performance and financial health. Lorin Maazel has also been a great conductor of this symphony orchestra and he made his guest-conducting appearance in the year 2000 after a twenty years break. He led two subscription concerts organized by this symphony orchestra which gained positive response from the orchestra musicians. Due to the attention he led towards the New York Philharmonic, he was given the position of the music director in January 2001. His tenure was concluded in the 2008-2009 season.
In the year 2003, concerts were still going on in the Avery Fisher Hall, so it was suggested to move the orchestra back to the Carnegie Hall and merge the two to provide a better platform. But this proposal somehow did not meet its destination and couldn’t come to fruition. Now days, the Avery Fisher Hall is going through construction and renovation. In the year 2010, May, the New York Philharmonic performed its 15,000th concert and made an unbreakable record of performing the most concerts by any orchestra till now. In 2007, Alan Gilbert was hired as the music director of this symphony orchestra and he is performing his duties till now. Some of the famous music directors of Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra are Ureli Corelli Hill, Henry Timm, Denis Etienne, William Alpers, George Loder, Louis Wiegers and Alfred Boucher, Theodore Eisfeld, Henry Timm, Theodore Eisfeld, Carl Bergmann and Theodore Eisfeld.
This orchestra has won many awards including Grammy Award for Best Classical Album, Best Orchestral Performance, Best Album For Children, best Instrumental Soloist with Orchestra, Best Classical Vocal Performance, Best Choral Performance and a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Classical. This amazing American Symphony Orchestra is going to perform live soon. So if you are really interested in seeing it live and wish to enjoy a memorable evening, go ahead and order your New York Philharmonic tickets right away. You can also get some cheap New York Philharmonic tickets to enjoy this sensational musical journey. It’s not every day that you get such opportunities of watching mega events live so hurry up and act fast.

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