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The Nashville Symphony Tchaiko is one of the productions being staged by the world famous symphony orchestra from the American capital of country music, Nashville, Tennessee. This is a classical orchestra that was founded in 1946 and has been active since then, led by a brilliant team. Its repertoire is also vibrant and versatile, consisting of classics as well as contemporary pieces, which many listen to live after buying Nashville Symphony Tchaiko tickets.

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About Nashville Symphony Tchaikovsky Meets Techno

The Nashville Symphony Tchaiko is a concert by a symphony orchestras led by Giancarlo Guerrero as the music director. Albert-George Shram is the resident conductor with Kelly Corcoran as the assistant conductor. George Mabry is the orchestra’s chorus director. Each year, this symphony orchestra performs one hundred and forty concerts with many thousands of cheap Nashville Symphony Tchaiko tickets sold to people from the US.
The Nashville Symphony traces its history back to a group of musicians who came together as an orchestra ensemble in Nashville in 1920, performing concerts such as the Nashville Symphony Tchaiko concert. They were led by George Pullen Jackson, music critic at the Nashville Banner and a professor at the Vanderbilt University. Walter Sharp, a veteran of the Second World War, returned to Nashville and started campaigning for an orchestra in the city.  
William Strickland became the first conductor and music director of the orchestra that is today staging the Nashville Symphony Tchaiko classical concert. Its very first concert was held at the Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium with William Strickland setting standards that the orchestra follows to this day. From then onwards, a number of music directors took over, including Guy Taylor, Willis Page, Thor Johnson and Michael Charry, during whose reign the orchestra moved to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.
Kenneth Shcermerhorn became the Nashville Symphony’s music director and conductor in 1983, leading its for twenty two long years until 2005 and propelling it to new heights. During his time, the orchestra made a number of recordings, appeared on TV, went on tours of the US and performed at venues such as the Carnegie Hall, with the Nashville Symphony Tchaiko concert performed in the same vein. In 2006, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center was opened and its first concert featured the orchestra with Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer and Zakir Hussain. In 2011, the orchestra received the prestigious ASCAP Award for Programming of Contemporary Music, a spectacular achievement worth seeing the orchestra live via Nashville Symphony Tchaiko tickets.

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