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Isabel Leonard is an Argentinean-American singer who will be performing at the Carnegie Hall in the coming weeks. She will be joined by the skilled piano player, Vlad Iftinca for a series of concerts. Leonard’s Mezzo-Soprano style is just suitable for Iftinca’s technical ability. Together, they will be taking on one of the most legendary venues of New York City with their upcoming spring series. To catch them in concert, buy Isabel Leonard & Vlad Iftinca tickets.

Buy Isabel Leonard Vlad Iftinca Tickets

About Isabel Leonard Vlad Iftinca

Isabel Leonard has been training to be a soprano all her life. She started out from a very young age, getting vocal lessons and classical piano lessons to develop a better understanding of music. Later on, she joined the “Manhattan School of Music Children’s Chorus” with whom she was for nearly 5 years. She had a knack for the performing arts in general; her next step was to be enrolled in the “Joffrey Ballet School”. She then graduated from the “Julliard School” with a bachelor’s degree in music, subsequently earning a master’s degree in the discipline as well. During her time in this university, she studied under the renowned Edith Bers. Amongst her batch mates were Marilyn Horne, Margo Garrett and Warren Jones, all of whom have gone on to be successful musicians.
During her time as a professional singer in New York, Isabel Leonard has been part of the “Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Centre”. She also performed alongside the “New York Philharmonic”. She made her operatic theatre debut much later in 2007, appearing in “Romeo et Julliete”. She performed this show at the “Metropolitan Opera” as well. Apart from her work on stage, she has also worked as a recording artist, selling classical music albums. Moreover, her concerts have been recorded and sold in the form on DVDs as well.
Isabel and Vlad will be taking on the Carnegie Hall, a venue that has celebrated classical music artists from the very beginning. The hall has a rich history and has produced some of the best talents known to the world today. The idea for such an institution was laid down in 1887 by a couple, Andrew Carnegie and Louise Whitfield. While they were traveling from New York to Scotland, they witnessed Walter Damrosh, someone who would go on to be one of the best known conductors of all time, playing with his band. Throughout their trip, they became friends with him and invited him to visit them. It was then that the young conductor shared his vision for a music hall in New York. The couple was more than willing to make such an investment and thus the Carnegie came into being.
To this date, the hall has been home to legendary artists. People like Gustav Mahler, Liza Minnelli, Vladimir Horowitz and Bob Dylan have been part of it. In the beginning however, the place was used primarily as a classic music venue. It was in fact the main venue where esteemed conductors and composers from around the world wanted to perform when they came to America. It became a matter of prestige for a musician to make his or her debut here. Amongst the people who managed this were Leopold Godowsky, Jan Paderewski and Sefeie Rachmon. The venue has especially been popular with the solo pianists because of the hall’s perfect acoustics for the tones of a grand piano.
Even though classical music is still the preferred genre of the hall, they have over the years, incorporated other styles such as folk, jazz and pop as well. Artists such as Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Sarah Vaughan are perhaps responsible for this aspect. These artists were known for using big bands in their concerts, and thus the Carnegie Hall became a popular venue for them. Moreover, the rise of jazz and the blues also had an influence on the hall trying to expand its horizons. Thus, the venue witnessed its very first jazz conductor who would go onto receive worldwide fame for his proficiency as a musical director, classical, jazz or otherwise.
Other than hosting concerts, Carnegie has also been home to various television shows, in particular the “Young People’s Concerts”. It has also enabled some radio productions such as the “AT&T Presents Carnegie Hall Tonight”. For the upcoming season, the venue will be going back to its roots in classical music. Cheap Isabel Leonard & Vlad Iftinca tickets have begun to sell online. Fans of both the soprano and the pianist are encouraged to attend. 

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