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Christopher O’Riley is an exceptional pianist who took up the challenge of transforming rock music into classical music arrangements for piano. He is a prestigious pianist and a media personality on an international level. He has dazzled audience world over with his performances on stage, his records and his radio show. His work is admired by people all over the world because he is a bridge that connects different genres and musical tastes from popular and traditional repertoire. It’s his ability to come up with exquisite poetic interpretations that have garnered him positive reviews from all over and has landed him contracts with big recording labels like Sony Classical. And it’s the warmth in his personality that he has been the host of NPR program From the Top Christopher O’Riley for almost a decade now. All these years and From the Top Christopher O’Riley tickets have remained a commodity much revered among the patrons of classical music.

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About From The Top Christopher ORiley

O’Riley has two distinctive features. First that his repertoire comprises of the piano interpretations of legendary names in the classical music like Beethoven, Busoni, Chopin and Ravel, while at the same time he takes up contemporary artists like Elliot Smith, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Radiohead. This feature makes him a Classical Crossover artist. Secondly, O’Riley’s unique and passionate interpretations of these two diverse genres make his performances an unforgettable audience experience. Radiohead’s “True Love Waits” is O’Riley’s one of the most famous recordings that brought him a lot of praise including a four star review in the Rolling Stones.  
Classical music saw new and redefined possibilities with the pianist O’Riley and his show From the Top Christopher O’Riley. Whether it was the transcriptions of Radiohead’s music or the interpretations of traditional and contemporary classical music; O’Riley did justice with each and every piece. His unique take on the vision of classical and contemporary music has appealed to listeners of all ages; binding them with the power of piano tunes. He has taken his music to a lot of venues around the world and in diverse symphonic settings. And that’s not all as he has made a way into the hearts of a whole lot more audience through his radio show, his performances in clubs and even in universities. About his radio show, From the Top is a presentation of National Public Radio and is one of the most popular in the country at present.
Acting as the host of the show, O’Riley collaborates with the younger generation of talented and brilliant musicians and plays his part in demonstrating that these young guns are equally diligent in their personal and music-making lives. Following the popularity of the show, it was filmed for public television in 2007 at Carnegie Hall and made its debut on PBS next spring. From that time to the present day, the show is alive and kicking and has given one successful season after another.
As an organization, From the Top operates from Boston and prides itself in providing a platform to the young musicians in the country to showcase their talents. Years after years, the program has acted as a breakthrough for a number of extraordinary young artists with total enlisted people amounting to more than a million every year. From the Top Christopher O’Riley presents these gems ranging from ages 8 to 18 in wonderful performances, live concerts and lots more.  
It is because of his crossover capabilities that have amassed O’Riley and his show a great fan following comprising of people who love classical music, of people who love popular music and of people who love the idea of a combination of both. He has recorded a lot of music solo as well as with other artists. His fan base grows with every new recording and every new From the Top Christopher O’Riley program. His dedicated fans don’t miss a chance to see him live and are always looking for an opportunity to lay their hands on cheap From the Top Christopher O’Riley tickets.

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