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Ensemble ACJW brings together inspiration individuals redefining music of the 21st century. Their perception and ideas are new and fresh. Alumni and current students of The Academy have come together to create Ensemble ACJW. It is a two years program designed to nurture the world’s best musicians of the 21st century. After the two year fellowship program the Ensemble ACJW members are experienced enough to take on different careers in the field of teaching, advocacy, leadership and community outreach. It is a course of refinement and excellence.

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About Ensemble ACJW

The Academy is a program specially made for musicians who want to grow and redefine their role as just a musician. It takes the role of musician from performing at concerts to another level. The aim of The Academy is to constantly shape its students professional development. It nurtures the student’s needs to identify opportunities to perform along with teaching music at public schools, colleges, concert halls, and throughout local communities. The inspiration of the program is to return and give back to the society along with performing at ones highest level and ability. These musicians not only aim to create great music but they perform to inspire the next generation of emerging musicians. They emphasis on producing quality music and sharing ‘the love for music’ with everyone.
The Ensemble ACJW is known for its performances at the Carnegie Hall, Juilliard amongst other venues. During the fellowship program the students spend 25 days of the school year in a New York City public school. This exercise allows them to share their artistry with the local school community. It adds to the concept of sharing and giving back to the society. Adding to this value of The Academy, in the sophomore year of the program community projects are created to entertain and visit areas where there is no concept of live music. The fellows attempt to share the concept of live music with everyone across the masses. Every activity is supported by professional development. After two years of this program the Ensemble ACJW gifts the world with not just world class musicians but considerate and responsible citizens as well.
Numerous critics have praised the energetic performances by the Ensemble. Their fresh take on music and wide mix of genres is a treat. Specialized series of the Ensemble ACJW are performed at the Carnegie Hall, The Juilliard School and the downtown club (Le) Poisson Rouge. Many famous conductors have led the performances of the Ensemble including Sir Simon Rattle and David Robertson and even Emanuel Ax. Anothony Tommasini from The New York Times described the Ensemble ACJW’s performance as “one of the most liberating programs I have heard in years”.
Who wouldn’t want to be part of such an exhilarating program? So waste no more time and purchase your Ensemble ACJW tickets now. Join the musicians of the 21st century share their understanding and concept of music with you. We can guarantee you a night of joy and entertainment. It will definitely be worth your time and money. You can even avail special discounts and get cheap Ensemble ACJW tickets. We promise you a great night of music filled with shades of today’s time and age!

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Q:Will I be able to buy ensemble acjw tickets at even better prices if I buy them a few days before the event?

A:No, Ensemble Acjw Tickets prices will remain as they are, regardless of when you buy them.

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