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Music has many genres, yet the essence of real music lies in the instruments. We all have our likes and dislike, yet very few people on this world can claim total abstinence from music in its varied forms. Each past era has had its Beethoven’s and Mozart’s, yet the only difference between music from centuries ago and today is the globalization of the world. Musicians can have their music travel continents in the blink of an eye with the boom of our present day media and communication networks. One such musician who has touched the hearts of millions across the world is David Garrett. This young violinist has risen to fame at a very tender age when he began to show that he has the talent and potential of a mega-star.

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About David Garrett

Born towards the end of 1980, David Garret is basically of German descent. He was born in Germany and took his initial schooling from there are as well. Only aged four, David held his brother’s funny looking guitar that seemed to have been made to order for his feeble anatomy. According to his American mother, David was fascinated by the sound of this instrument. He would sit for hours on end at that young age and would wonder how to make sense of the sound coming out of the violin. Judging by the extraordinary flair their child had for the instrument, David’s parents enrolled him at a local violin club and within a year David had already made ripples showing off his talent and extreme love for playing the violin. By the mid eighties, hardly being ten years of age, this child prodigy had amassed a fan following and would regularly play live at his local public houses and parks.

The early nineties saw the blossoming of a true artist take is final steps when a very well known and respected violinist of Polish origins, Ida Haendel took David under her wing. He travelled across borders to meet her and learn as much as she could from her. She is said to have recalled in an interview, that David had a bond with his violin as if it were an extension of his very soul. He would not part with his violin under any circumstances. David Garrett continued with his studies without any problems and pursued his love for music until he found himself at the one of the most respected institutions of music in London, the Royal College of Music. His thirst to learn and perform did not stop there and was able to get a scholarship at the crown jewel in music education, Julliard School in New York City.

As early on as the age of fourteen, David Garrett already had two recorded compact discs to show for that had been aired in his own country as well as in Holland. The fairy tale seems endless when one tries to come to terms with the fact that this phenomenal violinist had earned the distinct honor of performing at a dinner hosted by the President of Germany. It does not end here. Many musicians wait a life time to get the opportunity to play with the world famous Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. Just seventeen years of age, and heads of state were inviting him to play at the Independence Day celebrations of their nations. The accolades this young performer has earned before turning twenty are hardly possible by any standards, yet he has sailed through life whilst blessing his listeners with  very unique and heart- warming performances. The kind of music you read in children’s fairy tales seem to be the life of this phenomenal performer. Documentaries have been made about the life of this violinist already and he is yet to celebrate his thirty second birthday.

David Garrett is a violinist that may well be called a music genius. With the ability to play nearly thirteen notes per second, very few have achieved what this young man has in the short period of his life. From the British Broadcasting Corporation to becoming brand ambassador for commodities, David has achieved nearly every milestone a musician could possibly fathom. Undoubtedly, he will make you heart melt once he focuses on strumming music from the four strings of his violin. Grab hold of David Garrett tickets as soon as you can, and your soul will experience a new level of love for music.


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