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Celtic Thunder

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Celtic Thunder Carmel Tickets

Celtic Thunder is one of the most versatile musical groups offering songs covering a wide range of genres. Apart from being diverse, they are known for their live shows which are a visual treat as their performances are taken on another level by the use of dramatic effects through lighting and choreography. Accentuating the ambiance is the stage that is evocative of the stone pathway mentioned in the Celtic Lore. Originating in 2007, the band is accompanied by the Celtic Concert Orchestra led by Phil Coulter. In 2009 Billboard referred to the band as “Top World Album Artist”. Since their inception in 2007, they have released several albums out of which three have reached the Top Ten for World Albums. Since the Celtic Thunder Carmel tickets are up for grabs do not miss the chance of watching Celtic Thunder Carmel live.

About Celtic Thunder Carmel Tickets

Celtic Thunder gave their first performance in 2007 at The Helix in Ireland, which opened doors for a successful career ahead. Since then they have been performing endlessly all across America, Canada and Ireland etc. In 2008 the band sold one hundred and twenty-five thousand tickets in forty-nine shows consequently entering the Star Tour Poll at number twenty. In 2009 they also landed an exclusive chance of showcasing their talent at the White House before President Obama. In their successful career the band has come up with eight albums; Celtic Thunder, Act Two, Take Me Home, It’s Entertainment, Heritage, Storm and Voyage along with DVDs consisting of their live performances from the tours. Buy cheap Celtic Thunder Carmel tickets and enjoy a string of performances bringing into picture the band’s eclectic range of genres.