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For gripping music that has soulful Celtic roots, get Celtic Cavalcade tickets and enjoy beautiful melodies you don’t get to hear every day. Tuscarawas Philharmonic was formed in 1935 when a young violinist and conductor, Gilbert Roehm, gathered a group of musicians. He formed small orchestras because he felt that the musical community of Tuscarawas County had not been developed properly. He brought forth talented people from all sorts of professions, including secretaries, students, clerks and music teachers. The orchestra was led by Eugene Kilinsky in 1960, Robert Cronquist in 1968, Margery Kent Henke in 1975 and Eric Benjamin in 1997. Since then, Benjamin has stayed the music director and conductor for the group. He has conducted Newton North High School’s orchestra, taught the students music theory and also, chamber music. He is known to design creative programs that captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression. Benjamin is also an arranger and composer and his creation ‘Klassical Kids’ is a show for young people that focuses on classical music. He is responsible for preparing Tuscarawas Philharmonic for performances like Vaughan Williams’ Five Mystical Songs, Faure’s Requiem, Handel’s Messiah and the Mozart Requiem. He also leads community events that feature the Children’s Chorus for Philharmonic. He is listed among great conductors, many of them who have even taught him in the past. These famous conductors include Leonard Bernstein, Gustav Meier, Gunther Schuller and Kurt Sanderling. The Ohio Music Teachers Association has also awarded him the title of ‘Composer of the Year’. The orchestra’s other staff includes Melanie Winn as general manager, Robert Henke as finance manager, Barb Moore as personnel manager and Bud Winn as the tickets manager.

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About Celtic Cavalcade

Celtic Cavalcade is a concert by Tuscarawas Philharmonic that has been inspired by traditional Celtic music and is now in its 77th season. Celtic music is the name given to the genres evolving of Celtic people’s traditions. It has various styles including traditional music leading to a variety of hybrid versions. It includes any music that has qualities of Celtic Nations and examples of its different forms are: Puirt a beul, waulking song, Celtic traditional music, sean-nos song, Celtic rock, Celtic fusion and Celtic hip hop. Celtic Cavalcade uses bagpipes dance music and melodies that enrich the soul. This concert has it all; from charm, drama and the depth of Celtic music to wonderful orchestral works, to featuring talented guest musicians. Guest musicians for Tuscarawas Philharmonic include Robert Frankenberry for tenor, Cynthia Spiegel for soprano, Charles Spencer for baritone and Cynthia Wohlschlager for mezzo. Celtic Cavalcade would have a pipe group, Akron and District Pipe Band, and even the amazing fiddler, Elizabeth Langford. Akron and District Pipe Band was formed in 1979 to provide quality band music comprising of bass drums, tenor, snare and bagpipes that are famous amongst Great Britain’s military pipe groups. It aims to preserve the Irish and Scottish roots that inspired its inception. The band performs in parades, celebrations and festivals. It has won many awards and trophies for its performances.
In Celtic Cavalcade, the talented artists Arnold, Benjamin, Grainger, Daives, O’Connor are presenting Four Scottish Dances, Jigs and Reels, Irish Tune from County Derry, Orkney Wedding and Sunrise and Strings and Threads respectively. Mark O’ Connor’s Strings and Threads is a specialty that was formed in 1986. It has thirteen tunes that are all in folk style and O’Connor has arranged them in chronological order. He tells how the pieces are about American music’s evolution and his family’s journey from Ireland to America. Strings and Threads is descriptive of how folk music that is actually centuries apart is connected, be it melodic Irish tunes or livelier jazz. Barbour Publishing is the guarantor for Celtic Cavalcade. Get cheap Celtic Cavalcade tickets to see a great live performance by this extraordinary orchestra. With its Celtic roots and traditional origins, this concert would appeal to anyone in search of some original and unique music.

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