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Widespread Panic, the southern rock band, has performed for millions of fans all across the US. Since 1986, they have released eleven studio, eight live and six other albums. They have sold more than three million records worldwide. Their popular hits include singles like, “Free Somehow,” “Goodpeople,” and “Dirty Side Down” among numerous others.

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Their road warrior status has been compared to bands such as Phish and the Grateful Dead. Widespread Panic also holds the record for most number of sold-out performances at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Philips Arena. They are indeed a performing phenomenon. 


Before every performance, the band undergoes a set-list ritual. They are famous for never playing the same show twice. Their ritual lets fans and crew members decide how the night will play out. They also encourage fans to record their performances. Their fan-base has dedicatedly traded their versions of the live performances with one another. Their live recordings are unique as no single version of any song has ever been the same since 1986.


Their philanthropic work is highly appreciated all over the US. Their fans have donated amply to charitable organizations. The charities that have benefitted include Make It Right New Orleans, Panic Fans For Food, Clear Path International and many others.


The Widespread Panic Memphis tickets will give you a chance to witness the jam band which is renowned for its live performances.