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Selling over twelve million albums globally, Tori Amos is widely known for her mezzo-soprano vocal range. This classically trained musician has successfully established herself as a pianist, singer, composer and songwriter. Initially, Tori emerged in the eighties as the lead singer of the synthpop band Y Kant Tori Read. In the early nineties, she achieved her breakthrough as a solo artist and stepped into stardom as one of the ‘world's most prominent female singer-songwriters’. This renowned artist is coming to your hometown as part of her Unrepentant Geraldines Tour this year. Get your Cheap Tori Amos tickets today to catch her live in concert.

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Tori Amos

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Tori Amos The O'Shaughnessy Saint Paul Tuesday
10/24/2017 7:30 PM
Tori Amos Orpheum Theatre - Madison Madison Thursday
10/26/2017 8:00 PM
Tori Amos The Chicago Theatre Chicago Friday
10/27/2017 8:00 PM
Tori Amos KeyBank State Theatre Cleveland Sunday
10/29/2017 7:30 PM
Tori Amos Massey Hall Toronto Monday
10/30/2017 7:30 PM

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About Tori Amos


Tori gained significant recognition as a solo artist, who used the piano as her prime instrument to present alternative rock performances. The gamut of her charting hit numbers include Silent All These Years, Cornflake Girl, Professional Widow, A Sorta Fairytale, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Spark and more. For her outstanding compositions, Tori has been nominated for, and won numerous awards in different genres. She won an Echo Award for classical music in 2012 and has been nominated for the Grammy Award eight times. Amos was interested in music even when she was little and started playing the piano at an early age. She performed Oliver! at the age of five. The performance of this musical score led to her admission at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore. When she was thirteen years old, Tori started to look for professional gigs where she could perform. With support from her minister father, she performed her first professional gig at Mr. Henry's, a D.C. gay bar. Through the rest of her teenage years, she performed locally.


In pursuit of her dream to make a recording career, Tori headed to Los Angeles when she was twenty-one years old. Struggling through the years she found herself a record deal in 1987 with Atlantic. The label advised Tori to market herself as an eighties-rocker-girl-with-a-permed-hair-look to gain the attention of the media as well as the audience. Y Kant Tori Read was the backing band. The first album released through the label didn’t produce the results she expected. So Tori asserted she needed to have creative control so that she could make something that spoke for her musical style. Featuring Tori’s signature style, the album “Little Earthquakes” was produced in 1992 as a result. The hard work she had put in paid off when the album was certified as gold in both the United Kingdom as well as the United States.


Agitated by corporate record labels, Tori decided to open her own company by the name of Martian Recording Studios. She changed her classic solo piano sound to add in more variety and started to experiment with electronic music. As a result of her experimentation she released “From the Choirgirl Hotel” in 1998, which became her bestselling album and still holds the status to date.


Given the success of this album, Tori continued to experiment with music. In 2001, she released the album “Strange Little Girls” in which she covered songs such as Happiness Is a Warm Gun (the Beatles) with a feminine perspective. The album “Scarlet's Walk” released in 2002 covered a wide range of themes including Native American history. A majority of the albums that she produces have a sense of direction and a vision. “American Doll Posse” was released in 2007 and the album was no different than the others. The album described a female viewpoint from five different personalities.


Tori will be releasing her fourteenth studio album, “Unrepentant Geraldines” very soon. The first single from the album, Trouble's Lament, was released earlier this year. The album will be followed by the Unrepentant Geraldines Tour to promote the album. So get your Tori Amos tickets today so that you don’t miss the opportunity to see her perform live. The tour will start from Dublin and head to Europe; then it will move to North America and will also be covering South Africa. Be prepared for when Tori hits your hometown.


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