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Sublime was quite a popular band in the nineties and even managed to sell over ten million albums around the US. In 1996 however, they shockingly lost their lead singer and decided to disband in order to work on their individual projects. After a wait of over ten years, they made a comeback as ‘Sublime with Rome,’ and now are ready to emulate their successes of years gone by.    

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Work That We Do

The only two remaining members of Sublime, Eric Wilson (bass) and Josh Freese (drums, percussion) had been involved in various projects over the years, yet they grew tired of them after some time and decided to resurrect their old band instead. They recruited Rome Ramirez (lead vocals, guitar) to the group and started to perform in various venues across the country. By 2011 they had been signed to a recording contract and released their first album “Yours Truly” soon after.   

Wherever you may go

Their first album did a lot better than most people had expected, and made it to number nine on the Billboard charts, as well as number three on the US Rock albums charts. It was followed by their 2015 release, called “Sirens,” which also made it to number three on the US Rock albums charts, but only managed to get to number thirty four on the Billboard charts.

With the band’s latest summer tour coming up, here is your chance to watch them on stage for yourself. Just get your Sublime with Rome Chula Vista tickets and enjoy the show, live from the stands.