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Stolen Babies is a name that connects with experimental rock like no other. Fresh, forward and truly creative and sound and visual; this band has revived metal beyond anyone else. This metal outfit has been a part of the alternative stream for almost a decade. In this time span it has come forward with astounding music and live acts. Hailing from the sunny state of California the band was an effort by high school metal freaks who decided to make it sound and look like modern music. And viola! they were remarkably stunning in composing and dressing up metal music the avant-garde style.

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About Stolen Babies

Stolen Babies has become an iconic Avant-garde metal band of our times. Carrying influences of Progressive and Gothic styles of metal along with the dinginess of dark cabaret instruments; the band has created a futuristic fusion of a harmonious instrument like the accordion with the metal riffs of electric guitars. The band has a line-up comprising of Dominique Persi as the front lead followed by Rani Sharone on the Bass Guitar, Ben Rico on the Keyboards, Gil Sharone on the Drums and Mick on the Live Guitar. Persi’s presence as the band lead vocalist, accordion player leading all live and studio acts has made the band a sensational ensemble of modern metal.
Taking off in the late nineties as an effort of high school artistic minded musicians, actors and singers the Fratellis came forward. This was a twelve plus member troupe primarily focusing on presenting short theatrical acts and shows. Dominique Persi was acting as the writer, art director and music composer behind most of these staging. She handled these theatrical performances wonderfully. But the idea of Stolen Babies remained dormant until 2000.The troupe members who were musically inclined and artistic to the core came together as Stolen Babies in 2002.Three major impressions on the music of the band came from Fishbone, Oingo Boingo and Mr. Bungle along with Persi’s innate gothic inclinations. They made their very own recording label, No Comment records and released a series of Demo CDs. 2002: 3 Song Demo and Stolen Babies EP followed by 2004: 4 Song Demo had the finest avant-garde metal impressions and promised much more.
Since the very start the band has worked on music while focusing on stage theatrics. They have combined energetic gestures and moves with props and inspirited backdrops. Collectively they have succeeded in making their songs visual contemporary music art pieces. In the early days the band’s off a cabaret presentation are lined with the progression of indie and comic art. This kind of gave way to a more personalized experience for fans when all band members made their own props and fused them lights and sound effects to bring forth a live show. Dark in theme and presentation, yet these shows are admirable for their luster and charm.
Stolen Babies has always been sheer avant-garde music with a dark look and feel. This impression was felt a mark by the band fans as well as critics with the release of the debut album There Be Squabbles Ahead. This 2006 featured tracks off the demos Push Button, A Year of Judges and many more. The album with these hit tracks became the band’s claim to fame and landed them at their first formal record deal. The End Records has been supporting avant-garde style experimental rock bands. With the label stepping in the band was re-mastered and re-release. The success of this album called for the band’s debut international tour that took them to enjoy limelight in mainstream music.
Apart from the international and local touring the band kept making new music. However, the success of their signature live shows earned them great reputation and a large fan following. The band also became associated with numerous metal acts during these live acts. Four years after the release of the debut album the single Splatter became the onset of the band’s sophomore release Naught in the fall of, 2012. Stolen Babies tickets are surely a treat for metal fans to relish; the band will be supporting the new album on their new concert tour. This album is already a big hit on MySpace and is anticipated to become a grand hit with the projection in a live Babies tour. Cheap Stolen Babies tickets have also been made available as a special offering. To avail these tickets, make booking at the earliest. 

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