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The music today is now the heart and soul of our lives and has seeped in so much that it is hard to take it out. The post-punk band with the identity of its own has simply swept the hearts of millions in no time. Formed by the vocalist John Lydon, Jah Wobble, and Keith Levene the band faced various changes but Lydon was the only constant member of the band. Public Image Ltd soon turned out to be a band of its own sort especially when the band Sex Pistols broke away from it. That was the time when Lydon soared high and his talent was acknowledged. After the inception of the Public Image Ltd, the music that they created had been stated as one of the most experimental, challenging and innovative indeed in the post punk era. The band has been praised as the first ever post rock collaboration by NME.

About Public Image Ltd Tickets

The band was the idea of Lydon who luckily had an encounter with Jah Wobble, his old school friend. Both had spent time together and now had the vision to do something in music. They formed the band Public Image in 1978 but Ltd was not added to it initially. Later as the novel titled Public Image by Muriel Spark came into their notice, they thought of adding Ltd to their band. Lydon wrote the debut song of the band Public Image which was positively received by the public and reached number 9 on the UK music chart ratings and was also received well by the US charts. With the appreciative start, the band got motivated and the spirit to move ahead forced them to hook on to more challenging music ventures. Even when Lydon was part of Sex Pistols, he was in the eyes of camera but as he formed his own band, things turned out quite differently. Lydon confessed that Sex Pistols was the portrayal of his rebellious side while Public Image Ltd has simply exposed the creativity that was deeply engrained in him. The uniqueness of Public Image as compared to other bands is primarily due to their use of dub reggae and krautrock. As the first album hit the market in 1978, it turned out to be a massive success as the unimaginably deep bass beat of Wobble swayed the hearts of post punk lovers. The brilliantly sharp sound of Levene’s guitar became an inspiration for many other bands and thus a new tradition was set by Public Image that was hard to surpass.
Not just the first album hit the mark but the second one was rated as the best in the post punk era. The success story had just begun for the band and this pleased the members like anything. The band faced a time full of challenges but their creativity was never marred by this. It was just due to the fact that the members stood united and did not compromise on music quality. Public Image Ltd tickets became the hottest item on sale as the English Punk rock became the heart throb of millions. The band went into hiatus for some time but then came out of with a rejuvenated spirit. The hit albums that it produced boosted the band members and thus instilled in them the passion to go beyond the ordinary and produce music that is pleasantly coherent.
With numerous positive reviews and remarkable performances, the band conducted many live performances and gathered praise. The live performances were also organized in North America where it was praised and received with immense applause. While playing at many other festivals like Super Sonic Festival in Japan and the European concert tours, the band gathered an extensive fan following that not only goes mad at their style but the lyrics too take their breath away. Listen to the beats of Public Image Ltd once again and it will be hard for you not to get hooked on it. It will be like turning away from the blessing if you see cheap Public Image Ltd tickets and do not reserve you share. Be in the arena and relish the beats like you have never listened to earlier. Grab it before the time flies away!