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P.O.D. (Payable On Death) have announced a series of live shows, and will also be joining Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown in their US Tour. Making their debut in 1994, P.O.D. have cemented their position in Christian metal genre as one of the best acts. Featuring Sonny Sandoval, Wuv Bernardo, Traa Daniels and Marcos Curiel, the quartet has charted their own course with international tours, album sales in millions and chart-topping hits. Their 9th album “The Awakening” came out in 2015 and the band has scheduled live performances in its support. With P.O.D. tickets in hand, watch an enlivening performance by the Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Band.

About POD

Born-Again Christians, P.O.D. Prove Endurance Is The Survival Key In Music Industry

With many of their fellow musician friends packing their bags and calling it a day, P.O.D. have managed to remain in the industry for more than two decades. For them music career is not a sprint but in fact a marathon in which endurance is the key. Staying true to who they really are, born-again Christians with their compositions centering on faith, the band has treated the fans to some extraordinary music. After a gap of three years, P.O.D. released their 9th album “The Awakening” and it’s definitely an evolution from where they’ve come from.

A concept album complete with dialogues in between the songs, “The Awakening” peaked at number three on the Billboard Christian Albums. Treating the listeners to a spiritual experience, it’s a straightforward album with heavy guitar riffs and diversity of styles. The band has upped their game by taking a vastly different approach, offering the fans a unique mix of sound effects, conversations and spoken words. “Am I Awake?” acts as a thrilling opener making a statement with its two-minute introduction of the album. It lays the groundwork for blistering chorus in “This Goes Out To You” and “Get Down” a fantastic rocker. An eclectic effort, it fuses reggae elements, aggressive hip-hop and heavy rock beats. Featuring a deep body of work, P.O.D. has come up with solid tracks that make “The Awakening” a bold and an expressive album.

More About The Sonically Gifted Musicians

Talent and passion have carried P.O.D. forward in the industry. The group has sold more than 10 million records, has been nominated thrice at the Grammys and produced numerous radio hits. They are known for their popular numbers, “Alive”, “Southtown”, “Goodbye For Now” and “Youth of the Nation”. In all these years their fan base has only strengthened and grown in numbers, making them one of the best international acts.   

Diversity as much as passion has been the reason for their longevity in this fast-changing industry, as the quartet mix various musical styles and can easily jump from reggae to punk to metal to rap, and even funk. P.O.D. will spend most of 2016 on the road, headlining their shows, performing in various festivals and will even join Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown on their co-headlining summer tour.

P.O.D. is used to performing in front of a packed house and the same is being expected of their latest run. They create an intense energetic ambiance, belting out hits like “Boom”, “Beautiful”, “Panic & Run” and “Set It Off”. They come out as a musical force in their live concerts, proving they have a lot of music still left in them. Buy those P.O.D. tickets and attend their concert in your town.