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O.A.R. & Phillip Phillips are two artists who have thousands of fans all over the world. Together, they promise to put up a show that will get you on your feet, so order O.A.R. and Phillip Phillips tickets now, to catch the show live.

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About OAR Phillip Phillips


O.A.R (Of a Revolution) is a Rockville, Maryland band that plays alternative rock, often infused with indie and roots music. Formed in 1996, the band has released singles and studio albums via Atlantic, Vanguard, Lava and Wind–up Records. It has shared the stage and recorded music with established artists like Matt Nathanson, Brett Dennen, Stephen Kellog and the Sixers and Foxtrot Zulu.


The band's members are drummer Chris Culos, lead vocalist and guitarist Marc Roberge, bassist Benj Gershman, guitarist Richard On and saxophonist and guitarist Jerry DePizzo.


The band was founded by drummer Chris Culos and frontman Marc Roberge, inspired by the latter's older brother who played drums for Foxtrot Zulu. Benj Gershman and Richard On joined the band later on and their first record was released in 1997. Titled The Wanderer, the album spawned several hit singles, some of which the band still plays live at their concerts.


The four musicians then went on to study at Ohio State University, where they met Jerry DePizzo, a saxophonist, and with these musicians, the band released  Soul's Aflame in 2000. Unlike other bands, they relied solely on word of mouth and did not market or advertise their shows. Despite this, their third album, Risen, peaked at eleventh on the Billboard 200 chart and their fourth album, In Between Now and Then, also charted.


In 2005, they signed onto Lava Records and released their fifth record, Stories of a Stranger. It also charted on the Billboard 200 and marked what would be an era of even more popularity for the band. O.A.R's music has been praised by the likes of The New York Times and their videos are aired on MTV and VH1.


Joining O.A.R on stage will be rock artist Phillip Phillips. He is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Leesburg, Georgia who has been active in the American music industry since 2009. Phillips's music has been released by Interscope Records and he rose to fame as the winner of the American Idol in 2012.Phillips went on to release his first album, The World from the Side of the Moon, in 2012,  followed by a second album, Behind the Light, in mid-2014 .


Phillips began playing the guitar when he was fourteen and learned from Benjamin Neil, his brother in law. He founded a band in 2009 with Neil and Todd Urick, yet another brother in law, and the trio won the Albany Star singing competition. Phillips counts John Butler, Damien Rice, Dave Mathews, Mumford & Sons and Tool as favorites. He has received nominations from the Teen Choice Awards, World Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and MuchMusic Video Awards. At this concert, he can be seen live after you get O.A.R. & Phillip Phillips tickets.


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