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The Neon Trees is an American rock band that has stemmed out of Provo, Utah with most of its origins from Temecula in California. In 2010, under the Mercury Records, the band released their debut full length album by the name of Habits. Their debut song “Animal” has already reached the 13th number slot on the Billboard Hot 100 and also on the number one position on the Alternative Rock Chart.

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This rock band was primarily created by two neighbors better known as Chris Allen (who plays the guitar) and Tyler Glenn (who is the lead vocalist and also plays the keyboard). Later the two added Elaine Bradley (for drums, vocals and percussion) and Branden Campbell (for vocals and bass guitar) to their lineup. Another talented musician was also added to the band’s lineup, David Charles who plays with the band while they are on tour. David Charles is a guitarist and a keyboardist. The band was very well known in Provo, Utah, but they did not receive much national acclaim until 2008. In 2008, the band was selected as the opening band for various concerts of The Killers’ band North American tour. Neon Trees gained much exposure and it did not take long for the Mercury Records which is one of the major record label companies in the US to sign a contract deal with the band.


The history of the band is as such that that in late 2005, the band officially began to play under the name of Neon Trees with five original band members. The name of the band comes from the neon lighted tress on the In-N-Out Burger signs; it was Tyler Glenn’s inspiration with the lighted tress to come up with the name of the band. The band is extremely popular and has a huge fan following in Provo and also in the Salt Lake City, the two places where the band was actually created. In 2006, the band released an EP by the name of Becoming Different People. This EP came out during their first tour to California. This EP of the band showcased some really awesome singles such as, “Sister Stereo”, “Ashley Stevenson”, “Snap the Flash”, and “Modern Romantics. The band also ended up recording some unreleased songs while their “Tree-house Sessions” were taking place in 2006.


Very soon, the Neon Trees saw the lineup of their band members narrowing down to just four members however; both Elaine Bradley and Branden Campbell remained as a part of the band. In 2008 when the band was chosen to give an opening performance to The Killers’ North American tour, Ronnie Vannucci Jr, heard the band play and was completely mesmerized by their immense talent. Ronnie Vannucci was previously a member of a band called Attaboy Skip and Branden Campbell the bassist of Neon Trees was a good friend of his. It was with the help of Vannuci that the band got the ultimate opportunity to sign up with the Mercury Records.


The Neon Trees band performed their hit song “Animal” on 23rd of March in 2010 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Thereafter, the also gave a live performance on the 14th of May in 2010 on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On 18th of October in 2010, the band performed on Lopez Tonight, on 4th of November in 2010 they performed on Live! With Regis & Kelly and on 24th November in 2010 they gave a live performance on TBS’ Conan. The band is scheduled to perform live on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on 13th of January in 2011. Blink-182’s band member, Mark Hoppus, chose their hit single “Animal” as his Spin Magazine Pick of the week. Moreover, the song has been such a success of the band that it has also come in a commercial for Las Vegas. The song was given a remix touch by the famous American Disc Jockey Kaskade.


The Neon Trees covered the hit song of Justin Bieber called “Baby” by mixing and mashing it up with “Stand by Me”. The band also opened the tour of 30 Seconds to Mars band in the spring of 2010. They have successfully and brilliantly released a Christmas single by the name of “Wish List”. When the single was released, it was available free of cost on iTunes for the first week. The band is well known to give some really awesome live performances. They are soon scheduled to give some brilliant live performances. Grab hold of the Neon Trees tickets, to enjoy a truly magnificent rock musical event!





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