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The sensational group Garbage has been among the most amazing names in music for almost two decades. They have been at the top of the ladder and it doesn’t look like they will be climbing down any time soon. Right from the time they first burst onto the scene to their current iconic status they have given fans some of the biggest hits and most memorable moments of all time. As part of their latest road trip they are now heading your way so grab your cheap Garbage tickets and watch them perform live.

About Garbage

In the early parts of the 1980’s Butch Vig and Duke Erikson were members of various groups. Steve Marker was a sound engineer during those days. By the time 1994 rolled into town the three of them, who had worked together before on some projects, started to record some remixes. Those sessions led to the tri deciding upon forming a new group, which ofcourse came by then name of Garbage. They wanted a woman to become the lead singer of the group and their search led them to Shirley Manson. After a few tryouts she was invited to come onboard and she did exactly that. So with the line-up complete the band recorded a demo tape and sent it out for promotion purposes.  They went on to sign a global recording contract with Mushroom U.K that covered every place in the world apart from North America. That was sorted when they went to sign an agreement with Almo Sounds for that part of the world.
Their first released track Vow had began to receive a lot of airtime on radios and that brought the band into the notice of the masses. Their first album was a self-titled one and it was released in 1995. It became a big hit in the U.K and Australia and earned Garbage a Brit Awards nomination. They followed that up by embarking on a road trip that kept them on the road for the entirety of 1996. Two songs Stupid Girl and Only Happy When it Rains were released in Europe and North America respectively and both were very well received. The success of Stupid Girl also earned it a couple of Grammy nominations. With expectations at an all time high the group went to work on their next album Version 2.0. The song Push was released prior to the release of the album and it instantly went to the top ten in the UK. The album itself went straight to the top. The video version of Push It got nominated for a staggering eight MTV Video Music Awards. That was followed by two Grammy nominations for Version 2.0 to put this amazing band into the limelight for good.
Their third album was titled Beautiful Garbage and it hit the music stores on 1st October, 2001. It took the group over a year to compile the album and it marked a noticeable shift from the music that accompanied the previous two releases. The change however was appreciated by one and all and Rolling Stones named it among the ten best albums of that year. The group went on a bit of a hiatus for a little while but started to make headlines for all the right reasons as soon as they made their comeback. Their next album was named Bleed Like Me and it was released in 2005. Headlines by the hit song Why Do You Love Me, it went on to become one of the most successful albums of that year in the US and abroad. That was followed, two years later by Absolute Garbage, the group’s greatest hits compilation in 2007. Their next album was titled Not Your Kind of People. It was another successful release that was very well received by fans and critics alike when it came out in 2010.
Garbage has sold well over an impressive seventeen million albums around the globe. Their first album itself sold in excess of four million copies. They have been there and thereabout at the top of the charts most of the time which ranks them as a truly special band of performers. They are out on tour and you can catch them live up close and personal by simply buying Garbage tickets for their upcoming concerts.