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Known in the industry for songs such as “Shuggie,” “Make It Known” and “San Francisco,” Foxygen is coming soon to perform live in your nearest venue. The indie rock band has been selling millions of records since 2005. These talented musicians sure know how to give away electrifying live performances. The only thing that’s keeping you from attending the concert is your cheap Foxygen tickets.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Sound On Sound Festival - 3 Day Pass Sherwood Forest Faire Mcdade Friday
11/10/2017 3:30 AM
Sound On Sound Festival - Saturday Pass Sherwood Forest Faire Mcdade Saturday
11/11/2017 1:00 PM

About Foxygen

Foxygen is heavily influenced by some of the popular genres of the 60s. Ever since the formation of the band, these gifted artists have been entertaining the world with their experimental music approach. Their style has been described as avant-garde and psychedelia. Their songs contain elements of indie pop, experimental rock, indie rock and psychedelic rock. What makes them one of the best in their genre is the way they perform in front of the fans. Every time the lead vocalist, Sam France grabs the microphone, the concert becomes magical. These musicians have perfection in playing the guitar, always come up with incredible compositions and are also popular for their lyrics. You can dance and sing along your favorite band in the upcoming Foxygen concert.
Foxygen is not that old in the industry and have shown a lot of promise in the past years. They have been enjoying a massive fan following since their inception. Before the well-known record producer, Richard Swift discovered them, Foxygen had already released a variety of EPs. In 2007, the duo came up with its self-released debut album, Jurrassic Exxplosion Phillipic. The record played a major role in helping the band earn a solid spot in the music industry. Many critics began to show interest in the group and Foxygen was repeatedly asked to perform live on various events. After a few years, the young rock stars finally signed a record deal with Jagjaguwar and came up with their second album, Take the Kids Off Broadway. Both Jonathon Rado and Sam France co-wrote and composed the songs and received positive feedback from the critics as well as the fans. The song, “Make It Known” earned immense popularity both nationally and internationally.
A few months ago, Foxygen finally released its third studio album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic. This one was ranked on notable spots on several US album charts.  The engaging tracks “Shuggie” and “San Francisco” received a lot of airplay on the radio as well as various television channels. The well-known internet publication, Pitchfork Media called the song “No Destruction” as the best new track. Entertainment Weekly stated that, "We just can't stop playing the scruffy psych-rock duo's Rolling Stones obsessed album with the appropriately exuberant title We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic." Recently, Fuse TV has named Foxygen as one of the 30 must-see artists at SXSW.
If you’ve already got your Foxygen tickets, keep in mind that you’re in for some nonstop entertainment. In the past eight years of their career, Foxygen has given away exceptional live performances at some of the popular venues of the US. This time you’ll get to listen to some of the brand new tracks from the album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic. The talented musicians have lined up all the top charting songs for your entertainment. If you like listening to their music on your computer or the television, you are definitely going to love their live performance. You’ll get to hear the band’s signature guitar riffs and do some crazy head banging along with Sam and Jonathan in the upcoming live concert. Don’t miss the amazing live experience for anything. Foxygen is one of the emerging rock duos of the current music scene. Get your Foxygen tickets and have a wonderful evening. 

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