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Flogging Molly is an alluring band that derives its musical approach from Celtic punk genre. The genre was pioneered by “The Pogues” in the late 90’s. "The Pogues" was an Irish band formed by Shane MacGowan in 1982. The use of Irish instrumentation by The Pogues and their exclusive approach of unifying Punk rock with conventional Celtic music proved to be a great influence on the music composed by Flogging Molly.

About Flogging Molly

Celtic music has remained largely trendy amongst traditional Irish musicians as well. This privileged music genre has been triggered out of folk music to some extent as well. On the contrary, Punk rock music is the most aggressive music genre that has been enveloped in controversies ever since its advent. Punk rock is all about loud vocals, heavy instrumentation and provoking lyrical themes.

The seven member Irish band formed in California, Flogging Molly is largely influential and dynamic with its music. They profoundly merge the Punk rock genre with their Irish roots and are thus considered by many critics as considerably difficult to be categorized under any specific genre. They have produced a wide range of studio and solo albums; each of which has been greatly appreciated by their fans.

Dave King is the most refined vocalist of the band and before forming Flogging Molly, he was engaged with metal music band “Fastway” and later on with rock music band “Katmandu”. Subsequent to which, he established Flogging Molly along with Jeff Peters, Bridget Regan and Ted Hutt. Flogging Molly took a steady yet a sparkling start with their musical creations. Initially the band carried out small scale performances at a local pub in the US. Regardless of the audience size the band performed with absolute enthusiasm and energy, entertaining the guests and slowly building a good fan base. Molly Malone's pub at LA became a permanent home to their weekly performances where they would perform their mutually written and composed songs that were largely admired by the visitors. However, Jeff Peters and Hutt left the band after a short reign. Nathan Maxwell was the next celebrity that joined hands with King and Regan and became an eminent band member instantly. Maxwell, due to his distinct musical skills and passion was employed in the band right away!

The band has covered a long way with their uphill struggle for success. Flogging Molly has sustained its charisma over the years with their ground-breaking live concerts and releases. The fan following of this band is very diverse and comprises of music buffs with different music tastes. They have fans who value Punk rock and on other hand, a large number of admirers who worship the band for its Celtic music approach.

In 2004, Flogging Molly actively contributed in the “Rock Against Bush” project that was aimed at imparting the message of peace, harmony and serenity via music. One of the most classic creations of Flogging Molly is Whiskey on a Sunday, released in 2006. It’s a DVD album that comprises of the finest live and studio songs recorded by the band. Besides that the band has toured across the globe and has staged glorious performances amongst which their tour to Larry Kirwan's American Fléadh Festival has remained quite popular.

The band is still as entertaining and vivacious as it was eighteen years back. The much refined and skilled band members are well aware of how to keep their fans captivated with their charismatic staging. Everyone with great taste in music is likely to enjoy their concert thoroughly. So, don’t miss out on this amazing band’s upcoming performance and get hold of your Flogging Molly tickets instantly!


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