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Cursive, the indie rock band, is currently performing live in multiple cities across the US. These gifted musicians have a decade long experience in the music industry. The band provides their fans with the best live experience everywhere they go.  If you want to catch them live, hurry up and reserve your cheap Cursive tickets as soon as you can. The vocalist, Tim Kasher and bass guitarist, Matt Maginn along with a few more musicians formed the band back in the early 90s. The band may have had a few line-up changes since then, but it never stopped entertaining its fans. Many of their songs have a proper theme and a back story that is presented to the audience in the form of post-hardcore, emo and indie rock music. Their lyrics have managed to set remarkably high standards in the industry as stated by many critics. The composition of each song is uniquely crafted by the music geniuses of Cursive. What makes them even more special is that many of their albums are story and character based that unfold as you keep listening to the songs. Once you get into their groove, it’s hard to focus on other things happening around you. The upcoming Cursive concert is a golden opportunity to enjoy their music. Don’t forgo this one for anything.

About Cursive

Alongside Saddle Creek, Crank! and Big Scary Monsters Record, Cursive has worked on a number of studio albums. With their third album, Domestica, the band earned a firm spot in the music industry. It tells the story of a relationship between two characters named Pretty Baby and Sweetie. A number of well-known internet publications such as Pitchfork Media and Allmusic gave the album four out of five stars praising the songs “The Game of Who Needs the Worst” and “A Red So Deep.”
Following the success of Domestica, Cursive came up with another fine album, titled, The Ugly Organ. This time renowned magazine, Rolling Stone also showed a great deal of interest in the band’s music referring to the record as a “brilliant leap forward.” Entertainment Weekly stated that, “Organ raises the Saddle Creek bar in terms of sheer psychiatric-rock intensity.” Billboard Magazine was also highly impressed with their musical approach and bluntly called the album, “challenging, yet highly rewarding listen.”

In February 2012, Cursive released its 6th and the most recent studio album, I am Gemini. This one did not just go well within the national boundaries; in fact, it was a commercial success in several other countries including England, Australia and Canada.  Many critics from various organizations have stated the album to be surreal, powerful and a fine blend of outstanding narrative and music. As mentioned above, this album also portrays a unique story. It’s about twin brothers, one good and one evil that were separated at birth. The cohesive song chapters of the album reveal the story in an amazing manner. This record presents an undoubtedly dynamic and imaginative ride to another world. If you want to enjoy the live versions of songs such as “The Sun and Moon,” “The House Alive” and “Double Dead,” get your Cursive tickets today. Cursive has previously performed live at several music festivals around the world. The group has recently signed up for a handful of concerts in various cities of the US including Iowa, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha and other places. It is all set to perform in some of the major venues of these cities. These talented musicians are the narrators of their latest album. Come enjoy the story of I am Gemini in the form of live rock music. Cursive has never disappointed the fans. The upcoming concert will surely turn out to be a memorable one. Just make sure to secure the best Cursive tickets beforehand.