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Chevelle tickets bring to you a concert by the American rock trio that has sold over three million albums in America. Known for its aggressive and strong sound the band has made a place in the rock circles and in their fans hearts. Over the years Chevelle has given hard hitting and melodic numbers and given its share of impressive alternative metal music to the rock enthusiasts in the shape of hits albums and exciting live performances.

About Chevelle

Hailing from Chicago the band came together in 1995 with the two brothers Pete Loeffler, Sam Loeffler and Matt Scott as its members. The inspiration for the name of the band comes from the car, the Chevrolet Chevelle. The two brothers, Pete and Sam have remained with the band throughout, however the place for a bassist has seen several changes. Initially Matt Scott was the third member before the third brother Joe came on the scene. Later, when Joe left he was replaced by Geno Lenardo for a short while and then in his place came the three brothers’ own brother-in-law, Dean Bernardini, thus the band has always remained a family affair.
Having a common love for music it all started when the brothers used to play at parties and events. Pete’s skills with his guitar work and his impressive vocals complimented Sam’s talent as a drummer and gave them the perfect combination to have a rock music band. Sharing a mutual interest the brothers would play at home. Their parent’s garage became their studio where they would practice cultivating their talent and developing their unique style. They then took their music interest outside the confines of their homes and would perform at outdoor events. Their third brother Joe at the time was only fourteen when sharing the same passion he also joined his two brothers to play music that the three loved. The talents of the brother soon gained attention. Owing to the appreciation for their music the band soon found themselves playing for local clubs at Chicago.
The band played for a few years at clubs and did small concerts till they signed with Squint Entertainment and in 1999 with them Chevelle released their debut album titled, Point #1. The songs from the album Point #1 and Mia got the band the honor for achieving two GMA Dove Awards along with that the album achieved for them the award for the Hard Music Album in 2000 bestowed by the Dove Awards. Following it, in 2002 came their second album Wonder What's Next with Epic Records. The album went on to be platinum. It featured the hit singles Send the Pain Below, Red and Closure. Then came another hit album titled This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) that became a gold album.
After a decade with the band Joe the youngest brother left in 2005 and replacing him came their brother-in-law Dean Bernardini. With him Chevelle went on to release its next album Vena Sera. It turned out to be another successful album which appeared at number twelve on the Billboard 200. The album also featured three top 10 singles.
Over the years, Chevella has released several significant albums that include Sci-Fi Crimes which made it to number six on the Billboard 200 album. With successful albums, high profile concerts and their brand of dark music, Chevelle has made their contribution to rock music. They have toured all around increasing their fan base and establishing a strong hold as one of the most successful alternative post grunge bands of modern times. Performances by the band attract rock enthusiasts from around the world and their shows are always packed events. If you want to be part of an exciting event that features the impressive trio then make sure you secure your tickets fast. Due to the overwhelming demand, cheap Chevelle tickets may be hard to find, but if you hurry you might end up being the luck one.