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Boys Like Girls have stormed into the music industry with their clever lyrics and catchy music. The combination of their everyday lyrics and their ingenious punk, alternative rock emo sound has placed them in the much deserved limelight right in the beginning of their musical career. Boys Like Girls have given a new touch to the whole angry boy music scene as it gets ready to compete in the punk music genre. They have been all over the place with their massive hit album Love Drunk. Ever since, their fame and popularity has grown as more and more fans who can relate to their music discover them due to their increased exposure. The young lads of the band have taken this massive opportunity and made it big in the punk industry with their gutsy lyrics and bold musical experimentation, all of which has worked quite well in the favor of the band.

About Boys Like Girls Tickets

Not many punk, alternative rock emo bands are as lucky as Boys Like Girls. They are one of the very few bands who made it big right after the release of their self titled debut album. The album was released by Columbia Records - Red Ink in 2006. The album contained many hit singles which did considerably well on the charts. Overall, the album did well, considering the fact that Boys Like Girls is a punk band but many reviewers were critical of the album. Even Absolute Punk gave the album a rating of only 65 %. The reviews, however, had little effect on the commercial success of the album as the listeners found things they could relate too in the clever lyrics of and the catchy tunes of their songs. The album sold over five hundred thousand copies after its release and was certified gold which is a great accomplishment for just about any artist.

The band was formed by Martin Jonson, who is the lead guitarist of the band. Johnson, who has previously worked for many a popular band like Boston act Fake ID/The Drive, got together with three of the other lads and laid the foundation of his band in Andover, MA. Johnson had been working on a couple of his songs which he wanted to record with his new band. The band started recording and with the help of a PureVolume account, started uploading their music and soon enough, the band landed in the top position on the site's Top Unsigned Artists chart. Before the band had even released their first album, they had toured with some of the famous bands like Butch Walker, All Time Low, Hit the Lights and Cute is What We Aim For and many others, which contributed to the popularity of the band even more.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the band is that not many boy bands out there like to make a public exhibition of their emotions. There are many emo, angry girl bands but hardly any boy bands to rival that. Boys Like Girls is very bold and courageous move on part of the lads of the band and it sure has taken them to a new level in alternative emo rock as they have become a big commercial success. Their second album Love Drunk was a massive success which greatly contributed to their fame and brought them some much deserved attention.

They have toured with oodles of artists and have been co-headliners in a variety of high profiled shows which speaks volumes about the caliber of this band. Their live concerts too are full of energy as they double the fun by giving their own songs a new and interesting touch each time they perform live. If you have not heard any of the songs of these guys then it is the best opportunity to not just have a fun night out but also discover good music. Grab your Boys Like Girls tickets now and have fun.