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Beirut tickets offer an exciting concert by the popular band that brings music from across different genres to make its unique sound. The music by the band takes its influences from rock pop music, indie folk to world beats. The band was originally a solo project initiated by a young multi instrumentalist Zach Condon. It was later that the band expanded to include other members. Hailing from Albuquerque, the young musician Zach Condon displayed a keen interest in music at an early age when he played trumpet in a jazz band. After dropping out from school, he traveled around Europe and that is how he got in touch with various European folk music influences that served as inspirations for the sound he developed. His travelling expeditions exposed him to Balkan folk and Gypsy music influences, the traces of which can be seen in his first album. It was these early musical explorations that cultivated his sense of music and helped him develop his exceptional music style that has endeared him to his fans. The band formed by the young musician has seen several changes in the band members ever since it was formed. Over the short time of its musical journey the music of Beirut has evolved and it has given several albums and live performances to its fans.

About Beirut

The content of their first album titled Gulag Orkestar was recorded by the Zach Condon himself in his bedroom. He came up with most of the material and later Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost joined him. Barnes assumed the responsibility of a drummer, while Trost contributed with his cello and violin skills. The band quickly recruited talented members for their live performance and gave their first performance in New York to support their first album. Since then, Beirut has been performing at various venues all across the globe delighting their fans with their exclusive music. In 2006, Beirut released their first album Gulag Orkestar on the label Ba Da Bing!  The album won a lot of appreciation from the critics.  A year later followed the EP Lon Gisland and then came the second full length album The Flying Club. The album has traces of French influence. March of the Zapotec/Holland, a double EP by Beirut was released in 2008. The first EP consisted of six tracks while the second one had more of electronic music.
Beirut released his third album titled, The Rip Tide in 2011. The album which was released on Zach Condon’s own label Pompeii Records reached number 80 on the Billboard 200.  It earned the band a lot of appreciation for its music content.  The album was noted for its musical shift from foreign influences to the pure American pop sound that had the distinctive touch of the band. The innovative band is known for its complex themes and their music comes across as honest. The beautiful music arrangements and variation of different instruments gives them their original sound. With a few years since it started its music journey, Beirut has managed to establish itself as a band recognized for its unique distinctive music that blends various influences into a combination of powerful melodies. The fusion of indie rock with other exotic influences makes their music sound refreshingly pleasing.
Over the time, the popular band has been giving exciting numbers to its fans. Beirut has toured all across performing to their hit numbers bringing their brand of music to the world. The tours have helped them develop their fan base. Their concerts are popular events that showcase their talents, musical skills and professional attitude.  Concerts by the band have become bigger drawing capacity crowds. Owing to the popular demand and the numbers of fans it draws cheap Beirut tickets may get hard to find. Therefore it is important to secure the tickets fast if you want to enjoy their live performances.

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