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One of the most famous operas, Don Giovanni is an epic tale that blends melodrama with comedy along with supernatural elements. The popular opera has been showcased all over the world and has been a subject of great debate amongst philosophers and opera critics for generations. This masterpiece and theatrical wonder has been hailed by philosophers for its rich exploration of human nature. "Soren Kierkegaard", a famous Danish philosopher, dubbed Don Giovanni as "a work without blemish". On the other hand, the opera was praised as "the three finest things God ever made" by "Gustav Flaubert". The opera lovers are eagerly waiting to catch the show live at the Don Giovanni New York event.

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Based on the libretto by famous Italian "Lorenzo Da Ponte", the opera employs poignant music by the celebrated Classical era musician and composer "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". Mozart, an influential and prolific composer, has produced over six hundred musical works including chorals, operas, chamber, concertante and symphonic sound. Don Giovanni was first showcased in 1787 at the Estates Theatre in Prague. Since then the show has been reproduced on worldwide stages fascinating millions of individuals for over a century. Cheap Don Giovanni New York tickets can be acquired to witness another exciting installment of the two act opera.
Don Giovanni continues to trigger debate amongst audiences and fans. It has become cultural phenomenon all around Europe as well as North America. By grabbing Don Giovanni New York tickets, the US audience can once again relive the spellbinding tale.