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It speaks thirty languages, has travelled to over 145 countries and has followers that amount in millions. It's none other than WWE. If you are a fan of the sport and want a complete entertainment package that comes with it, gear up with your WWE tickets. A corporate giant, the company is formally known as WWE, Inc today. But that was not always the case. Its founders Roderick McMahon and Toots Mondt together created Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd (CWC) back in 1952. McMahonwas a boxing promoter before he got together with Mondt. The latter, a wrestler by profession, earlier introduced the world to a more freestyle form of the sport which came to be known as the 'Slam Bang Western-Style Wrestling' later on.

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Toots Mondt realized that in order to rope in more audience, the entertainment factor of wrestling had to be amped up. In 1953, CWC became a member of the 'National Wrestling Alliance' (NWA). By the end of 1980, Vincent K. McMahon, the founder's grandson, purchased the stakes of the company and he remains the CEO till date. It is due to his efforts that WWE is what it is today and holds world class events that are broadcasted on major TV networks all around the world. Seventy five percent of the company is still owned by the McMahon while the rest of it is traded publically. Although headquarter of the company is based in Stamford, Connecticut with a network of offices all over the globe including Mumbai, Shanghai, Tokyo and London.

Against the wishes of his father, Vincent K. McMahon started expanding the horizon of the company into other products and brands. His vision has lent the company its current status as one of the industry leaders. In fact the industry as it stands today, having transgressed the traditional territory of the sport into the whole realm of 'entertainment' has shaped up as a result of his innovations. Not member of NMA anymore, the organization is still committed in finding and promoting new talent while also keeping it interesting. Not only is WWE known for wrestling but also for its various other products including books, toys, apparel, video games, collectibles, houseware and sporting goods.

'WWE Raw' and 'WWE SmackDown!' are two of its headlining TV programs aired on 'USA Network' and 'Syfy' respectively and have a huge viewership. Not only are these television programs followed fervently by fans on TV but bring in the big bucks for the company wherever they travel to. WWE events are full of exhilarating fights and the organization is famous for signing on big names from the industry. Constantly on tour, Cheap WWE tickets is all set to bring its larger than life wrestling stars to your home town.


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