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The most loved superheroes of all times have now united under one roof for the upcoming Marvel Universe Live show. Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain America and more than twenty other characters from Marvel Comics will be appearing in your city to thrill you with live action and stunts. The idea behind the production is to make the fans feel that they are actually inside that realm  they have read, dreamt about and seen in movies. Even the story for this performance is so engrossing that it engages the audience’s attention immediately. To see the show live and to be swept away into the thrilling world of Marvel comics, get your Cheap Marvel Universe Live tickets today.

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About Marvel Universe Live


The Avengers, X- Men and Spider Man are now appearing in your city along with their arch-villains in an ultimate battle of good versus evil to save the planet and the human race. The show’s story revolves around the quest for the ‘Cosmic Cube’- the most valuable yet most dreaded source of power in the Marvel universe. To prevent the wicked forces from gaining possession of the cube, the mighty Thor had shattered it into pieces and scattered them all over the universe. His villainous brother Loki, however, has schemed to find all these pieces in order to gain its undefeatable powers to rule over the universe.


This has given rise to a dangerous situation where the superheroes will encounter the super-villains to stop them from getting the scattered pieces. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Wolverine, along with their fellow superheroes, will combat their biggest adversaries including Red Skull, Aldrich Killian, Electro, Green Goblin among many others. Creating such a show, that brings these superheroes to life, is a superhuman feat in itself. Intensive R&D and testing has been done to make this spectacular show possible. Special vehicles have been created; motor stunts, pyro stunts and creature stunts have been designed to give the performance a realistic feel. An extensive use of acrobats, aerialists, martial artists and gymnasts has truly added magic to the show. Currently the production is being performed nationally but there are plans to take it to the international arenas in about three years’ time.


Marvel Universe Live is now on a tour and your city is its next destination. This is your chance to become part of an extraordinary event that will give you memories for a life time. Get your Marvel Universe Live tickets before they are all sold out so that you do not miss this amazing show.


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