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Wiz Khalifa is amongst the new rappers who have taken over the charts this year. The 25 year old from North Dakota received new found fame with his hit single, “Black and Yellow”. Even though he has been in the industry for some time now, success only came to him when he scored a deal with “Atlantic Records”. Luck is on his side now as he released yet another chart topper, “Payphone” with the popular group Maroon 5. His fans can also catch him on one of his shows around the country by getting Wiz Khalifa Houston tickets.

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About Wiz Khalifa Houston Tickets

The singer’s first big hit was supposedly written as an independent record. It was a song about Pittsburgh and its official colors. But the single soon went viral and began to be played on the radio all the time. This is how the personnel at “Atlantic Records” discovered him. In the beginning, he would go by his real name, Cameron Jibril Thomaz, but he felt that his stage name defined him better as an artist. Wiz is the shortened form of “wisdom” while “Khalifa” comes from the Arabic word, which means “leader”.
At the Wiz Khalifa Houston show, his fans will get to hear a few songs from his upcoming album as well, in addition to the full track listing from his existing record, “Rolling Papers”. His devoted fans should not miss out on this opportunity; they can even find cheap Wiz Khalifa Houston tickets if they set out early.