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Bill Maher is an American stand-up comedian, television personality as well as a host, actor and author. Born in 1965 in New York, Maher was brought up by a catholic father in a stern religious environment and had a Jewish mother. This is significant because he has publicly denounced religion in support of a more logical and constructive approach to the world.

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Maher is far more than an entertainer and through his jokes he brings out the subtle and not-so-subtle realities about the American society and life. Bill Maher talks about everything. The most significant aspect of his works is the political commentary which is given when he is acting or hosting. He criticizes the bureaucracy in all its forms and also expresses amazement at the voter’s inability or naivety in not questioning the political leadership and the decisions made by them.

Bill Maher made a humble beginning with his appearances and shows in New York and becoming the New York City Comedy Club’s ‘Catch a Rising Star’ in 1979. He also appeared in the David Letterman’s Show and Johnny Carson’s show in the early 80s. After becoming a familiar face around that time Maher made some television appearances including in Murder She Wrote. He also appeared in films like Ratboy, D C Cab and Pizza Boys. A household name in the United States Bill Maher’s onslaught on the bureaucracy and political correctness makes him an antithesis to the political jargon which leaves the common man speechless. Bill Maher Massey Hall Tickets is your chance to listen to the untold story. 

Even the mention of the name Bill Maher has the ability to tickle your funny bone. Be it politics, religion, bureaucracy or for that matter anything else, Maher is sure to have added humor to it in his own witty way.
He is a standup comedian, an actor, a television host, a political commentator and even an author and therefore forms the centre of pure, unadulterated entertainment. Bill Maher currently hosts ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ on HBO and was known for his late night talk show ‘Politically Incorrect’ before that.

Since the start of his career in 1979, Bill Maher has only grown more popular day by day. Today, he is ranked 38 on Comedy Central’s list of 100 greatest standup comedians of all time. His comedy includes a wide array of topics like freedom of speech, American culture, drug use, current events, human sexuality etc. He support same sex marriages, legalization of drugs and is a cynic when it comes to religion. Maher is also frequently invited to shows like Larry King Live as a political commentator on current issues. His major influences are Johnny Carson, Lenny Bruce, Don Rickles and Stevel Allen. With that said, he has his unique sense of humor and his wit is currently unmatched.

In the world of comedy, Bill Maher is a star. So to witness his sense of humor at its best, get a good laugh and just have a great time, grab your friends and family to go buy some Bill Maher Toronto Tickets today!